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Best Aquarium Thermometer 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

Fish lovers around the world understand the importance of maintaining a constant and stable temperature in their aquarium tanks, and to make sure the temperature drops within a range that offers a comfortable life for your scaly, expensive friends housed in the tank inside, identifying the perfect thermometer to observe and record the movement of the fishes in the tank can be an uphill task. This can be resolved using aquarium thermometers available in the market. These thermometers are available in various ranges starting from LCD digital screen, sensors that one can peel and stick on the body of the aquarium with bright read puts too smart sticks. In saying so, it is tricky to choose what suits you best. We have therefore discussed and brainstormed several aquarium thermometers with vet experts and Aquarians to help us identify a list Top 10 of Best aquarium thermometers 2020 that will help you decide to pick.

 Best Aquarium Thermometer

1.  Zacro-Aquarium-Thermometer-Terrarium-Temperature

If you own a decent-sized fish tank and want a handy small aquarium thermometer, you would love Zacro’s LCD digital aquarium thermometer. This thermometer provides great functions and best part does not take much space since it measures 2.17 x 1.46 inches small.

Zacro offers checking temperature of various water tanks and types [such as saltwater, marina, fresh and even water from your kitchen tap] extremely convenient; it measures both in Celsius and Fahrenheit and is loaded with an LR44 battery. Of course, you can use it as a constant source by plugging it in as well.

As its name indicates, it displays the temperature in an LCD screen. Offers highest accuracy however do consider+1/-1, after all, it an instrument and can deviate slightly.

Fish tank owners like you and I love to own this thermometer and it operates in an easy mechanism. Just dip it into the Aquarium [Note only the probe] and you can read the temperature instantly on the LCD screen. Isn’t that simple?

2. Elitech SDT-Best Aquarium Thermometer

Are you bored of using wired aquarium thermometer? Well  Elitech SDT-1 Aquarium thermometer brings you a cordless model which does not have any wire or probe. It offers a clean checking routine and comes with a large touch screen; the rectangle blue screen makes it easier to record the water temperature even if you are sitting away from it.

Elitech SDT-1 is one of the best digital aquarium thermometers as it uses a backside temperature sensor and all you need is stick to the outside of the fish tank. There is no risk of water seeping in or electric oxidation. Being large the temperature reading on the screen can be read from a distance.

With dual-screen reading in Fahrenheit and Celsius, it offers high accuracy reading with just a 1 degree +/- variation-you can opt for a high and low version depending on what suits your budget. Whatever you select –you are sure to get the best

3. JW Pet Company Smarttemp Thermometer Aquarium Accessory – best aquarium thermometer

Looking for a hassle-free, smart, sleek aquarium thermometer? Well, you are just reading the right review. Listed amongst the best thermometer for aquarium, JW Pet Company brings you the most simple and affordable thermometer that measures just 6 inches tall and is slightly more than an inch in width.

Featuring a clean white background, the thermometer temperature reading is shown in contrasting Black giving it a clear reading display. Its additional feature includes a suction cup which is attached with a magnetic link. This features makes it convenient to move around the Fishtank and offers a flexible mount too, that is often mistaken for a tripod setup.

This thermometer offers quite an accurate reading with a negligible variance of +2/-2 degree, but highly dependable. The thermometer has a safe zone printed on its body – giving an added advantage to the Tank owner.

4. LCR Hallcrest A-1005 Liquid Crystal Vertical Aquarium Thermometer

Simplicity is the word that LCR Hallcrest offers its clients. Most of the time Aquarium owners get bored using the conventional thermometer to record the temperature of their mini water world, however, if the change is all that you need now, why not go for a simple yet hassle-free product which is as well listed as the best digital aquarium thermometer.

Stunning crystal clear unit, easy to move feature, large screen display, additional suction cup with a secure placement format makes it just the right temperature thermometer for you.

This unit projects the highest degree of accuracy reading, which is a concern for most of the tank owners. What you need to do is just place it as close but be careful to position it at a distance away from the heater, so it does not get affected while reading the note.

It comes in multiple colours and might look slightly bold; it comes with a green box which reads the temperature. The other box which is brown box indicates temperature which might be +1 degree and if -1 degree it displays in the blue box.When immersed it might show variance based on the aquarium temperature, but with regular use, you will learn the trick easily.

5. American Thermal Liquid Crystal Aquarium Thermometer Vertical Small

For people who want to check the temperature of their aquarium just at a glance, the American Thermal brand, listed in the best aquarium thermometer reviews works just the perfect way. It is designed to read the temperature of the Aquarium water in Fahrenheit scale only.

This is one of the simplest thermal Liquid Crystal Aquarium readers which are vertical. It comes in an unbreakable format; non-corrosive and nontoxic built giving your fish’s absolute safety and perfect water temperature to enjoy them.

Fixing the thermometer is simple and can be done within a few minutes; this is one of the choicest options for small fish tanks.

Temperature ranges go from -40 degrees up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It does not measure in Celsius. However, it is highly accurate and can test temps for many aquarium needs, including freshwater, saltwater, and regular tap water for your benefit.

6. Marina-Submersible-Aquarium-Floating-Thermometer

Are you one who loves to experiment, yet use a traditional and most dependable aquarium thermometer- Opt for Marina Brand floating thermometer.

Simple, efficient and durable are three qualities that it offers and its liquid which rests in the bottom rises to read the temperature it records.

Highly soothing to the eyes with its green space feature –this thermometer reads an ideal temperature for your aquarium. Gone is the day when you kept staring at the thermometer to read the temperature, Marina offers you the ease of just looking at it and the line and is rest assured till it rests on the green zone –your fishes are safe and secure.

The use of this thermometer has helped several tank owners and they have shared and recommended this as the best thermometer digital. Since it is a floating device –it comes with a suction cup that one can adhere to the side of the tank and this offers flexibility to move all around.

Used predominantly for saltwater and fresh water-filled tanks –its safety zone indicates functionalities for all tropical fishes such as Achilles tang, emperor angelfish and more

7. Windbells-Aquarium-Thermometer-Terrarium-Temperature

One of the most used and preferred aquarium thermometers, Windbells Aquarium is listed amongst the best aquarium thermometer 2020. It’s simple and easy to set up design makes it the favourite.

The thermometer displays the precise temperature reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, making it extremely useful for use in any type of aquariums and offers a reading ranging between -50 to +70 degree Celsius.

Windbells Aquarium comes in two different parts which include suction cups making the mounting process simple. Powered by LR44 battery keeps it going for a stretched time and since the batteries are replaceable, you can change them as and when you require.


Used by owners who like digital reading, this thermometer has a unique compact design which makes it look stylish and its large screen offers you a clear obstruction free reading. Looking for a thermometer that shows specific and exact temperature reading, this is just the right device for you.

8.  Jansamn-Thermometer-Adhesive-Aquarium-Kombucha

Fashionable, hassle-free and different is what we define our Jansamm aquarium thermometer, mentioned in various best aquarium thermometer reviews is made of highly temperature-sensitive paper – this thermometer offers you a great way to keep an eye on the comfort of your scaly and expensive friends in the water. If you want to stand out and use a different thermometer sticker, you are reading the right product description.

Simple peel and stick option enables you to just peel off the back and stick it onto your fish tank (of course on the outside wall and not inside as the adhesive might peel off with water)

The smart strip displays both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature and smartly goes from thirty-nine decrees to ninety-seven Fahrenheit and min four to maximum thirty-six degrees Celsius.

This product functions using coloured range display, as it rests on a black base the colour display makes it contrastingly visible. At times flashing light on the strip can make your reading even bolder…

9. RISEPRO-Aquarium-Thermometer-Digital-Temperature

Several brands provide digital thermometer for aquariums, however, the one from RISEPRO stands tall and stands out from the rest. As you buy it offers a 10 minute set up time including mounting the main display over the tank, make sure you place the sensor probe inside the fish tank.

Known to be the exceptional reading temperature of aquarium housing reptile, lizards and fishes, it is suitable for various water types [including your house tap water, salty water, marine and even fresh water]

As soon as you plug it in, the 1st display shows the temperature. However, there is also a graphical display too that indicate that it is low, normal, or high.

Works effortlessly for tank owners who like to simply glance to have an idea of how comfortable the fishes are, the display is provided in both Celsius and Fahrenheit for your comfort. The unique design allows it to be surface- or flush-mounted. You are going to need a mounting hole of about 1.83×1.08 inches. Technology-driven, the RESIPRO thermometers come with a USB power support and do not need any battery to operate which makes it compact and much more beneficial.

10. Leegoal-Digital-Aquarium-Terrarium-Thermometer

When you need a perfect, precise and portable thermometer, the Leegoal digital thermometers brand brings you all in just one device. Holding a capacity to measure temperature range of -50 to 70 degrees Celsius or -58 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it is accurate to within a degree +/-.

Built with an External thermistor measuring 3 ft. insulated wire, it is simply effortless to read the reading projected on the LCD screen.

The Leegoal digital thermometer comes in startling black and with two parts ( suction cup) and the display. You have the facility to even switch off to save power while not in use.

Its simple operation using submerge probe in the aquarium helps you monitor the readings accurately with ease.

Irrespective of where you immerse the probe, the temperature reading is always accurate and displayed appropriately. 

If you want to adjust between Celsius and Fahrenheit, you just long-press on the power button. Simply use the slider from Fahrenheit to Celsius represented as  “F” to “C” to use it suitably


Why do I need a Digital Aquarium Thermometer?

A digital thermometer is generally used to check the temperature of your fish tank. The digital thermometer allow you to regularly  monitor the reading so you can be alerted  whenever the water temperature rises beyond the comfort level of your fishes or drops below average – If you want your fishes to enjoy and life safely an aquarium thermometer is a must.

Is Stick on Thermometer more reliable?

Now days stick on thermometers are preferred over digital as they are considered to be hassle free and provide accurate and precise reading compared to other aquarium thermometers.

How do I know what temperature to maintain in my fish tank?

Maintaining a range between 25 degrees to 27 degrees Celsius and min 76 degrees and max 80 degrees is ideal for your fishes.

How can I measure the Aquarium Thermometer using a thermometer Sticker?

Most of the fish are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and will suffer or even die if the water is excessively hot, excessively cold or fluctuates. An adhesive strip thermometer indicates the temperature of the water by showing three different colors that helps the fish owner identify and take appropriate measure.

Since each colour shows different temperature, any individual who hasn’t used a temperature strip before may not be able to get an accurate reading. One-color is the correct temperature, while the others show a temperature that is either cooler or hotter than the correct temperature.


Precise reading, hassle-free usage, simple set up and use are some of the key benefits that Aquarium/Fish tank owners across the world look for in an aquarium thermometer. Because it shows the reading on the water temperature, it is an essential tool to keep your fishes in a safe environment. This happens when we keep them at a reasonable level.

Different owners have different preferences, the digital aquarium thermometers reviewed above are simply a great section, though the functionalities are same we have carefully described the features that make them better than the other. LCD is an advantage, thermometer stickers are hassle-free, Wireless thermometers are cool – so which one would you choose. Honestly feel free to select any from the list above as they are all tried and tested and each deserves to be in the list of best aquarium thermometer 2020

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