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Best Cat Calming Sprays 2020 Reviews

Do you remember all those times, when your kitty had clawed on your favorite carpet? Or nibbled on your brand new shoes in a fit of anger? Not the fondest of memories. During all those helpless times, a cat calming spray could have been your savior. Just like you, your feline friend can get stressed too. A new environment, new people, loud music, and even boredom can trigger your cat. Worry not, we are here with a list of the best cat calming sprays that will help relieve your pet without any side effects!

Now, what are these best cat calming sprays? These are pheromone-based chemicals that mimic the natural calming pheromones in your kitty. These have proven to reduce spraying and aggressive behavior, and are not at all harmful for your kit-cat. Here are some easy, hassle-free options for your little pet.

Best Cat Calming Sprays Reviews

1. Feliway Cat Calming Pheromone Spray

This product has been a bestseller for a long time. Listed as the #1 vet-recommended product, it will come handy for calming your cat down and de-stress. The synthetic pheromones mimic your cat’s natural pheromones, therefore this can be a non-toxic, natural solution without any harmful chemicals. This formulation is available in other variants such as diffusers, wipes, and collars, so you can choose according to your convenience. 

These have been clinically proven to reduce urine spraying, vertical scratching, and hiding. You can spray this on surfaces, on your hands, cat carrier, and in your car so your kitten can travel happily. Long-lasting and effective, your ‘pawrfect’ friend will love this! 

2. Relaxivet Pheromone Calming Spray

The Relaxivet calming spray is an essential product if your pet becomes anxious while moving to a different environment. Cats are the most comfortable in environments they are accustomed to, around known smells and faces. Once that changes, which can occur during traveling in a car, shifting houses, visiting the vet, or coming in contact with other people and cats. 

This spray will help to calm and relax your pet to a great extent, relieve them from anxiety and any discomfort, and therefore reduce unwanted behavior. You can spray it in the car while traveling and your kitty won’t feel restless and annoyed. It works very fast as well: give it around 15 to 30 minutes, and your little one will be calm as a button! Infused with a natural, pet-friendly formula, its effects will last for up to 6 hours. 

3. Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Calming Spray Stress-Reducing Formula

Traveling in closed areas like cars or cat carriers can be claustrophobic and uncomfortable for your kitty. This might increase their anxiety, making it difficult to manage them. You have this Nature’s Miracle Cats Calming spray to your rescue! Infused with herbal extracts and essential oils like lemongrass oil and cinnamon oil, it will relax your cat and make it feel safe. Its non-sedative formula is a bonus because it will not make your cat sleepy and lethargic but boost its relaxation and well-being. This is one of the best calming sprays if you want to opt for a natural calming spray.

You can travel with your little ball of happiness anywhere and have your perfect company without any worries! However, make sure this spray doesn’t come in contact with their eyes or open wounds, as that can cause some irritation.

4. Comfort Zone Spray and Scratch Control Cat Calming Spray

You should go for this spray if you are planning to take your cat on a journey with you. A veterinarian recommended widely-used product, this will not only calm down your anxious, stressed cat, and also from scratching or spraying on your favorite rug. This is regarded as one of the best sprays while traveling in a car or the cat carrier. You can spray it in spots where your pet usually likes to scratch. The formulation is non-toxic and not at all harmful for either your kitten or your family. It can be sprayed on rugs, couches, blankets, upholstery, and in any place you think is required. A few spritzes of this product will reduce all the anxiousness and promote relaxation in your kitty-cat. It will last for a long time and each product have around 60 applications, which is a good deal.

5. ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray

Powered by the much loved Feliway, this calming spray is a usual recommendation from the vet for cats troubled with anxiety and spraying during traveling. Things like traveling, boarding, the occasional visit to the vets, and interaction with strangers and other cats can make your cat a bundle of nerves. This drug-free solution will give your cat a relaxing experience while traveling. 

The ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray claims to mimic the mother’s natural nursing pheromones, which in turn helps your little kitten to feel much safer even in unfamiliar places. This is something unique and special for your furry baby. 

6. Healex Cat Calming Spray for Cats

It is a concern of several cat mommies and dads about the anxiety and ill-behavior of their baby kittens. Their aggressive fits and neglect rob them of a happy time together. It is true that if your pet is not comfortable, you too cannot be peaceful. 

This is one of the best natural cat calming spray to get back the playful times with your furball. The pheromones in this relaxant will eliminate all the anxiety and aggression and keep your kitten at its playful best! All you will hear from your little ball of joy is happy mews and purrs. This Spray comes in a big bottle and claims to last two months and work two times faster. That is an added benefit indeed!

7. Felisept Home Comfort Calming spray

Your little feline friend deserves a lot of care while going through a stressful time. Just like humans, their reactions to stress are erratic and unpredictable. This is not at all good for the mental health and well-being of your little kitty pet. Kittens with PTSD need extra attention and care wherever they go, home, or outside. The Felisept Calming spray can be your savior. You can use this spray inside your house as well as outside, to provide aid to stress-related behavior like urine marking, excessive mewing, biting, scratching, irritability, and loss of appetite. 

The nepetalactone soothes the cat and calms them during nervous situations. Comprised of natural ingredients like catnip, this will keep your little friend safe from any harmful chemical substances. With the stress and aggression gone, your cat can be happy and playful. A happy pet makes a happy You!

8. SENTRY Pet Care Sentry Stop That! Behavior Correction Spray for Cats

This is a unique product that uses pheromones and noise technology. It is more of a behavior correction spray that can be used to tame strays and hostile pets. However, this product doesn’t cause too much harm in your cat, it just acts as an agent to help it mend its behavior. This doesn’t have a long-term negative effect on them. Unhealthy behavior such as constantly hissing and attacking can be combated with this spray. This will help to train your feline friend and build better relations with them.

9. Pet Organics No-Stress Spray for Cats

This calming spray is a good, pocket-friendly, and effective option for calming your anxious little friend. With a natural formulation and calming pheromones, this will keep all the anxiety and stressful behavior of your kitty at bay. Its natural goodness and the pleasant fragrance comes from the rosemary oil and clove oil present in it and makes it a completely non-toxic, non-harmful formula. The quantity of the solution is very good and will last you for a good amount of time. This will slowly stop all the negative behaviors in your kitty, like urinating due to stress and scratching. Don’t let anxiety and stress come between you and your little furry friend! 

10. Richard’s Organics Pet Calm

If you are in for a completely organic calming product, this one’s just for you. It stands different from other products to a great extent. The formulation relies on a soothing herbal blend than pheromones, consisting of the medicinal values of valerian root extract, chamomile, skullcap, and passionflower extracts. You can add a few drops of this solution to your pet’s food. Don’t worry, your pet will love its taste, and it will help them rest better. After a few usages, they will become calm, mellow, and playful.

In difficult situations of stress or anxiety due to traveling, boredom, loud noise, thunderstorms, this product will help your pet relax and calm down, without any sedative or drug-like side effects. The product is formulated with premium quality ingredients and won’t hurt your pocket a bit!


Frequent fits of stress and anxiety can greatly impact your feline friend. These are some products that can help your furball and you cope with these issues. A calm, relaxed, and happy kitty can boost your mood and keep all the worry away. All of these best cat calming sprays are effective and won’t burn a hole in your pocket either. Although products may have varying effects from one kitty to another, you can consult your vet for an expert opinion. We hope these reviews will help you choose the purrfect product for your baby kitten. 

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