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Top 10 Best Cat Costumes Review 2020

Cats are much cherished pets for some pet owners around the world. They treated cats as if one of their family members providing not only the necessary needs but giving them so much more.

They build closure to everyone’s heart with unequal love and unmatchable cuteness. Cats are very charming pets, especially if they wear the best cat costumes.

In not some distant future, Halloween will be on its way, and you need to be prepared when that happens. Have fun while taking selfies with your cat and his/her adorable costume. Along with the best cat costume in 2020, you will ever need this Halloween season

Best Cat Costumes 2020 reviews

1. Thundershirt Classic Cat – Best Cat Costume

 If you want your cat to look like, Mr. John Wick kitty version? This best cat costume is perfect for your cat taste. The patented ThunderShirt design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and excitement. Your cat will be comfortable wearing it and make him confident, like John Wick itself.

Fashionable wearing outdoors and will keep your cat tidy and neat. Your cat would not be worrying about fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, and much more. This costume is a calming wrap that helps to comfort and calm cats when they are experiencing anxiety.

2. Feeke Black Cat Bat Wings Cosplay

It is a unique way of giving your cat the best cat costume for Halloween.  Black Cat Bat Wings Cosplay will make anyone think your cat looks like Dracula’s pet.  Great for Halloween season but also, for birthday parties or any event where you simply want to have fun.

Adding more cuteness to your pet these black wings are designed adjustable and convenient to wear on your cat. If you want your cat and your kids trick or treating, it will provide a huge amount of cuteness and adorableness for the dynamic duo.

3. Mikayoo West Cowboy Uniform Hat

The best cat Holloween costume that will sum all the adorableness that your cat will surely love. Feast your eyes as you look to your cat walking, as his from the wild west as he wears the cowboy outfit. The material is polyester fiber, very comfortable to wear.

If this costume will be seen by your friends and family, surely they will love to take tons of pictures. Take each measurement a bit loosely, so there will be room for your dog to move and breathe, but not too loose.

4. i’Pet Princess Floral Cat Party Bridal Wedding

Princess’s dress is the most classy costume wear by humans and also cat pets. Looking at your cat wore this elegant princess dress costume surely will make them take photos and post it on Instagram.  It is made by the soft and stretchy fabric and comfortable for wearing in Halloween season.

Inspired by the spring flora and scents, this fashionable ball gown style dress is decorated with 3 flowers for your lovely princess. Inspired by the charm of the princess, this designer pet skirt will bring both style and comfort to the most playful member in your family.

5. NACOCO Cat Doctor Costume Pet Doctor Clothing

Have your cat enjoy wearing a mini doctor costume that will fit your cat’s taste. The doctor cat costume fits amazingly for a cat that doesn’t have any trouble walking or using the restroom. The best cat costume that has the stereoscope and the doctor scrubs, looking wonderful and cute in his outfit.

If you are attending a costume party, your cat will be the center of attraction.  Watching him run around in it will certainly bring you tears of laughter.

6. Creation Core  Kimono Dress

A Japanese clothing kimono is a traditional dress that will give the audience satisfaction as they look at your cat with amazement. The best cat kimono costume is comfortable for your kitty friend to wear because it is a soft outfit to keep your pet comfortable and relax in any events.

It adds more charm for your baby and makes her eyes catching, perfect for everyday wear, holiday, parties, and photos.

7. Idepet Pirate Dog Cat Costume Suit

Have you ever want your pet to look like Captain Jack Sparrow. Well, it’s your lucky day because we just got the product just for you and mister flopsy. It is made of polyester, non-woven fabric, soft and breathable. This cool pirate costume design will turn your pet into a humoristic pirate.

This best cat costume will bring both fashion and comfort to the little member of your family. Watch your little furry friend ran its fleet of cuteness as he wore this every Holloween season.

8. Rubie’s  Pizza Slice Pet Suit

Hilarious and entertaining, this best cat costume will surely burst into laughter. Imagine looking at your cat with your favorite snack. Pizza slice pet costume features a jumpsuit with the shape of a slice of delicious pizza. You can customize any suit you want for your furry friend.

Just contact Rubie’s coordinating people costumes, like bacon, banana, berries, burger, condiments, cookie, hot dog, pizza, popcorn, tacos, watermelon, and many more for all your group costume needs. Surely you fill your laughter after seeing your pets running around with your favorite food.

9. ANIAC Cute Cat Green Elf Outfit

Since Holloween is one step ahead of Christmas, why not try this green elf outfit. Perfect on any occasion this best costume for cats is designed. It is adorable for Christmas outfit for your pets allowing them to share the love and merry with you. It is made with highly durable polyester material, machine washable (hand washes recommended). Bright color and adorable design make your pet stand out and look splendid. They are going to get so much attention and compliments.

10. Legendog Halloween Pet Costumes

This is spooky yet funny this costume tailored for cat lovers. This is an amazing costume that will surely captivate people’s eyes on your adorable cat. It is the best cat costume for Halloween since it mimics the iconic cape of a vampire with a cute little horn. 

Your cat will be truly more like the devil’s pet. Dressing your pet in this costume cape really increases Halloween atmosphere. It is great for Halloween, birthday parties or any event where you simply want to have fun. Just wear the cape and hat, your love pet will be the brightest in the crowd.

Is it bad to put clothes on cats? 

Actually, it’s not bad to put clothes on your cat. However, if after trying repeatedly and meeting serious resistance, you might want to rethink your costuming ideas. Most kitties aren’t going to like clothes the first but once your cat gets used to it, it’s not a big problem. 

Why do cats freeze when you put clothes on them?

Clothing restricts a cat’s normal movement and may disorient them for a time. Give your cat time to adjust, and the behavior is likely to stop. It could also indicate that the clothing doesn’t fit. If, after letting your cat adjust to how the clothes feel he still falls over, you may need to get a different size or try another type of fabric. If there’s a headpiece, make sure his whiskers aren’t trapped in the strap as that can prolong his disorientation.

What size costume does my cat need?

The size of clothes your cat needs depends on how big or small your cat is. Just measure it around your cat’s neck, head, and stomach. These are the measurements most often used to size for cat costumes. Compare your measurements to the manufacturer’s sizing chart. Look for costumes with adjustable straps and closures so you can make a snug but comfortable fit for your cat.


Your cat deserves to be treated as an equal to family even though we make fun of them, but it is more important to always let them feel that you care for them and will always be there for them.  It may take time if your cat has never used a costume before, but as you always dressed them regularly, they will eventually get used to it. Give him time to adjust, and start with the understanding that your cat may not be willing to wear a costume. If your cat doesn’t want to wear it then don’t force them.

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