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Top 10 Best Cat Laser Toy Reviews 2020

People around the world own cats as a pet because it is adorable. Who would hate such charming creatures? Particularly they are very playable and social animals. It takes efforts and passion for raising cats.

Playing as a daily routine and giving an appropriate lifestyle for cats is a big responsibility that most cat owners forget. It benefits the cat not only for leisure but helps as a daily exercise to help our cats to be more active.

Our love for cats is limitless and you must make sure that your kitty knows that they hold a special place for your heart. With the best cat laser toy, you can play with your favorite felines anytime you want.

Best Of The Best Cat Laser Toy

1. Yvelife Cat Laser Toy Automatic, Placing Hign,5 Random Pattern, Automatic On/Off and Silent (P01)

Yvelefe Cat Laser Toy Automatic is the best automatic laser cat toy in the market. If you have a wider area, then this product is definitely for you. It is designed as an anti-collision for pets to keep out in harm’s way. Adjustable circling ranges and random pattern, suit all kinds of room to play.

Cats can use it any time they needed to play. The laser would automatically turn off after 15 min, and automatic turn on every 3 hrs. A super silent motor that’s designed to keep cats focusing on the laser light. Our four-legged feline will enjoy and you will be hassle-free in maintaining your cat to be entertained.

2. GO! Rechargeable Pet Training Exercise Chaser Tool, 3 Mode, Cat Light Toy (2 Packs)

 It is one of the best cat laser toys in 2020. There are three modes of features for multiple applications. Possesses a UV light feature for any detection of unnoticed spots, counterfeit money, dog urine, pet stains, and mini white light for daily uses. It can be charged in a charger, mobile power, USB car charger, and computer.

Energy-saving, easy to use, can last a week without charging. The light modes button is a switch, so you don’t have to hold it down the whole time you are playing with your cat. Glide the switch to get different light modes. Use this device inside and outside your house, very handy and easy to use.

3.) M JJYPET Interactive Cat Toys, Rechargeable 3 in 1 Cat Red Dot Cat Kitten Dog Toy

M JJPET Cat Toys, Rechargeable 3in1 Cat Red Dot Kitten Dog Toy, has three kinds of light modes. It has a red dot for playing with pets, a mini white flashlight for your daily uses, a UV light detector for dog urine, pet stains, and a bed bug. The best laser cat pointer toy can be fully charged in about 1.5 hours. It can last about a week by playing with cats. The red dot can project over a hundred feet in a closed area. It’s the best laser cat pointer toy to keep kitten busy for a long time to tire them out. Provide exercise and endless fun for you and your cats. It has a switch, which means you do not have to hold the button all the time.

4.) FYNIGO Cat Interactive Toys Wand, USB Rechargeable,4 in 1 Function, Pet Training Tool for Exercise with a Toy Mouse

Sliding button design, you don’t need to hold the button down all the time. Fun and easy to use, with four different patterns, your cat will not be bored with the traditional red spot laser light. It can charge quickly through the USB socket with more convenient and faster, about one hour can be fully charged. It is made of stainless steel material and durable for long term use. It is recommended as the best laser cat pointer that is available in the market right now.

5.) Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy – Automatic Rotating Laser Pointer for Cool Cats, Electronic Toys for Stimulating Exercise, Battery Powered Auto Lazer, 3 Speed Mode

Concealed auto-rotating laser pointer create unique & mysterious experience for the challenging hunt. Keep your cat to move and never get bored with a 3-speed setting. The best automatic laser cat toy available, friends forever interactive laser cat toy will do the work of entertaining your cat for you. It has a special feature, a quite laser beam moves randomly across floors that appeals to the natural hunting instinct of cats.

With an auto timer run as long as 15 minutes, your cat will never be bored. Also, it can function without a wire because it can be operated by three AA batteries. It can be used outdoor for fresh air or to make your cat active outside your houses.

6.) GO! On The Rechargeable Upgrade Pet Training Exercise Chaser Tool, 3 Mode,7-in-1 Cat Light Toy

An outstanding product from “Go, The rechargeable upgrade training exercise chaser tools,” as the provider of another best laser pointer cat toy. It has a 7-in-1 design multi-pattern and multi-function 3 specific functions including laser light.

It has a red spot, mouse, pentagon, butterfly, Smile that will guarantee to make your cat more active. Built-in USB port, fast charging, no batteries with no extra charge cable, it can be charged in Mobile Power, USB Car charger, computer Socket.

7.) PetSafe Automatic Laser Cat Toy with Interactive and Random Patterns

If you have hyperactive cats that are careless for their behaviors? Then this product is highly recommended. Petsafe automatic laser cat toy is a cat-friendly product. The Bolt features a Class III-A laser with a five megawatts max power output for a safe play experience. The Bolt automatically turns the laser off after 15 minutes to prevent your cat from being over-stimulated. The laser moves randomly across floors and walls which appeals to the instinct of cats.

 Entertain your feline friend all day with the PetSafe Bolt Laser Cat Toy! Simply hold Bolt in your hand or place it on a flat surface, turn it on, and watch your pet chase laser patterns. Recommended as the best automatic cat laser toy in the US.

8.) SereneLife Automatic Cat Laser Toy – Rotating Moving Electronic Red Dot LED Pointer Pen W/ Auto Wireless Control – Remote Light Beam Teaser Machine for Interactive & Smart Sensory

Manage your pet regularly entertained with this best automatic cat laser toy hunt game. Sit back and enjoy as the wireless cube drives your cat out of control as it will pounce and try to catch the funny bug. Turn any surface in your house into a fun playground. Tap the button on top of the electric spinner and cycle the pattern mode between slow circle medium-fast speeds or pause the rotation and aim the ball in any direction.

It will puzzle your cat with random motion while moving back and forth. Interactive cat playtime is engaging great exercise and excellent sensory stimulation for any smart adult or young cat

9.) PetSafe Automatic Laser Cat Toy with Interactive and Random Patterns

Having two or more cats is very hard. It takes dedication to provide equal love and affection shared with each one. Having difficulty in serving two masters at the same time? This best automatic cat laser toy is highly recommended for you. The PetSafe Zoom rotating laser cat toy uses two lasers that rotate 360 degrees to provide twice the amount of fun; multiple kitties can chase the dynamic laser patterns. It operates with minimal electronic sounds so even the timidest of kitties can enjoy chasing the fun play patterns.

10.) Cat Laser Toy, Laser Ball for Cats, Cat Toys Interactive, Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Cat Toy with Three Play Mode, Separation Design and Timer Setting Laser Toy,360°Automatic Rotating Laser

The best automatic cat laser toy can be placed on the hand or scrolled on the ground while playing with your cat. It has 360-degree rotation for a wider area for a cat to play. With 3 modes to select slow, fast, and random to find your cat’s right needs. This product will provide your cat with a safe and fun experience.


Maintaining the welfare of our beloved cats and ensuring their safety is the most concern of any cat owners. They need a proper lifestyle to maintain their health. Just as humans, cats need attention and care. Never the less our four-legged felines are the reason why we keep being sane in our hard times. Their cuddles and sweetness show that they loved you the same as you love them. Take care of them, and they will do the same for you.

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