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Top 10 Best Cribbing Collars 2020 Reviews

A horse has a habitual behavior causing problems for the horse to bite into something hard like a fence, post, corner of the stall, or bucket, as it flexes its neck and starts sucking the air. This behavior is called cribbing a very common problem encountered by people domesticating horses.

Veterinarians are still don’t have any clue why cribbing is common behavior for most horses. But they all agreed that cribbing is not contagious as others depict. It doesn’t pose any threat to health issues, but it poses a serious problem for its dental issues, resulting in the abnormal arrangement of its teeth or causing teeth to shatter.

To assist your cribber horse and help her to resolve the dilemma, the market offers a cribbling collar that is convenient and easy to use for your horse to enjoy.

Listed below are 10 best cribbing collar for 2020 reviewed carefully to find a better fit perfect for your cribbling horse.

Best Cribbing Collar Reviews

1. Tough 1 Crib Be Gone Leather Collar

First, of our list is the Tough1 Crib Be Gone Premium Leather Collar designed to fit comfortably around the jawbone with straps over the crown and across the forehead, to keep the collar securely in the right position. The mechanism of this collar only applies pressure when your horse tries to crib. It can be wrapped all day and does not affect normal movement, like grazing, drinking, or eating.

It features standard sizing approximately for small breeds of horses and large breeds. These straps are made out of pure leather and durable for a lifetime of service. The best cribbing collar horses ensures comfort and security for your horse, to avoid any more damage in your horse teeth during cribbling.

2. Weaver Leather Miracle Collar

Miracle Collar is proven to stops cribbing in seconds after wearing it. It has a different and practical design that guarantees to stop horses of all breeds, and behavior from cribbing anything in your barn. This product has been around the market for the last ten years, the best liner for the miracle cribbing collar is one of the anti-cribbing accessories for lifetime use.

Handcrafted from the most reliable quality harness leather for weather protection, durability, comfort, and protects the hair coat. The collar applies pressure only when your horse attempts to crib. It can be worn while eating, drinking, grazing, and when being ridden. Specially designed, with a unique frame that stays in place for maximum effectiveness. In addition it has non-rust stainless steel for stronger performance.

3. Tough 1 Synthetic Poly Crib Be Gone

The horse may offer discomfort at first but with the best cribbing collar for horses, it instantly stops cribbing in a matter of seconds after application. Comfortable to wear, that fits around the jawline with straps over the crown and across the forehead to securely hold the collar in place.

Automatically, the straps only operate when the horse tries to crib so the collar can be worn all day without discomforting your horse in its natural movements like grazing, drinking, or eating.  The fabrics provide the necessary comfort for the horse to enjoy while wearing the straps wrap around. Secures to hold and endure for a longer duration of use.

4. Weaver Leather Aluminum Cribbing Strap

The best cribbing collar horses wide brown nylon for cribbing strap features a lightweight aluminum cribbing bar and has durable nickel-plated hardware, perfect for secure straps to avoid any more cribbling problems for your horse. Snug and suitable for a large horse because it has a strong grip that holds securely in the jaw and wraps tightly to avoid damage from cribbling problems.

It doesn’t make it difficult for its breathing and natural movements of the horse. It has proven to be effective in horse domestication and certainly will give security and comfort for your horse to enjoy. 

5. Professional’s Choice Dare Cribbing Collar

The best cribbing collar horses offer cribbing control collar that is designed by professional horseman and caretakers. Long-lasting leather straps allow for a strong grip but less tightening than other cribbing collars that will promote comfort after wearing. The unique customized design keeps the collar in place even with a single strap. 

It has special features for the collar to loosen up when the horse drops its head to eat, so it is suggested to examine the exact fit for your horse cribbing position to adjust and give support for the best results. Installation has a wide strap that provides more comfort for the horse. Select your desired positioned from either side of the horse with stainless steel roller buckles that are fully reversible with no front or back one size.

6. Weaver Leather Padded Breakaway

Carefully handcrafted from high-quality leather, it can resist any weathering that may cause the harness leather for damage. It promotes strength and fragility to protect the hair coat. The best cribbing collar horses are at the forefront in this polypropylene halter lined at the nose and crown with soft, PVC-coated foam rubber padding for extra durability.

Features a breakaway fuse attached with Chicago screws for easy replacement and could be used in flat throat design. Comfortable for daily use and may not affect the movements and breathing of your horse except its habitual cribbling.

7. Tough-1 Aluminum Hinge Cribbing Collar w/Nylon Strap

This best liner for miracle cribbing collar features Aluminum Hinge Cribbing Collar with a classic Nylon Strap. It ensures durability and weather-proof materials that can endure for daily use. It is comfortable to the wearer horse, since it does not disrupt its breathing and conserves movements. It also has a fleece covering on the crown and tough double sewn heavy web.

It has an adjustable straps, this anti-cribbling device can hold the urge of your horse behavior and regulate its cribbling for good. It has a durable steel buckle for extra security and easy application.

8. Perri’s Leather Cribbing Strap

Perri’s is probably one of the best cribbing collars for horses and the most complete line of the finest Amish made products available in the market. It is designed in French cribbing strap technology but offers heavy-duty leather that will endure and hold the urge of your horse to cribble. Very fashionable for your horse when wearing and hold a more comfortable grip than other strap combined.

9. Tough-1 Deluxe Crib Be Gone Comfort Collar

Instantly stops cribbing! The best cribbing collar 2020, that’s recommended by customers and horse breeder. Developed for comfortably fit around the jaw with straps over the crown and across the forehead to securely keep the collar in place. Prevent your horse from cribbling since it applies pressure only when the horse tries to crib. The collar can be worn all day without bothering its comfort and movement like grazing, drinking, or eating.

10. JackS Stop Cribbing Muzzle Horse Miracle Collar

A great addition to the best liner for miracle cribbing collar comfortable and sturdy for the wearer allowing for the horse to avoid scribbling. It provide maximum comfort for breathing since it is Vinyl-Coated Steel Wire that avoids the steel to be rusted for long-period use.  It has a Soft Fleece Padding for extra comfort for your horse.

It possesses three durable snaps for Any Halter gives a stronger grip than the ordinary cribbling muzzle. The standard measurement, where exactly 9″ Across 7″ Left to Right 7″ Deep, perfect for a large breed.

Why horses crib?

A study was conducted due to the cribbling urges and ways to prevent these from horses. Study shows that at least an individual horse might have a genetic predisposition to a crib, but the behavior isn’t triggered until he is subjected to stressors related to his lifestyle.

Is it ok, to allow horse to crib?

Yes, the horse with more cribbling experience has less stress than those horses that aren’t scribbling at all. The option may consider to let your horse roam around your barns fence and let them cribble for a while before putting them to stables and cribbling collar.

What are the ideal cribbling collars for different types of breed?

If you are a breeder, it’s advisable to buy different cribbling collar and let your horse decide which one she prefers because if you forcefully put on something isn’t fit for her, there is a probability to increase stress.


These best cribbing collars for 2020, may have the best solution for the problem. But it doesn’t mean that the cribbling and stereotyping of your horse will stop. The urge for cribbling will only worsen if you will not allow your horse to relieve its urge. It is best to pay attention to its lifestyle and provide comfortable cribbling collars that would not stress them out.

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