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Top 10 Best Dog Ball Launcher 2020 Reviews

Summer is here, and there is no better time playing fetch with our pet and best friend at the park with the help of the best dog ball launcher. Be careful because too much exposure to summer heat is harmful to our pets. However, the warm afternoon air breeze is beneficial for them, so it is recommended that you go to the park and let your pet chase balls around 4:00 in the afternoon.

Best Dog Ball Launcher Reviews

That being said let me walk you through the list of the best dog ball launcher 2020:

1. Chuckit! Canine Hardware Mega Ball Launcher (26″)

The first in the list is the best rated dog launcher, the canine hardware mega ball launcher by Chuckit. This company brand provides the best quality pet products through thorough research and study on the behavior of our pets.

For the dog owner’s, using chuckit canine launcher comes conveniently because its design will not require you to release too much force launching the ball. When you have been weary with all the paper works, this is the best way to release your stress, while throwing the ball within your pet’s reach. With one throw, it can reach within 100 to 140 feet.

Also, the product comes with its large size tennis ball made of materials that are light and non-toxic for our pets. This product comes in different sizes too, and the price range of cheap to medium budget.

2. Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher

The best dog tennis ball launcher on our list is here. When you want to train a K-9 to be well equipped with endurance to take down bad guys, this product is for you. The magic of this newly invented pet toy is that you can put in the ball without picking up with your own hands, which means avoiding contact with the ball drenched with drool and dirt.

The product comes with extra ball storage and a regular tennis ball. Moreover, the product is like a gun, which makes it more fun to use when you are fond of gun battle games too. But make sure that you don’t shoot it directly to your pets because it will harm them.

You do not have to be concerned with the price because you can have it for a little less than $30.

3. Hot 9.5″ Big Giant Pet Dog Puppy Tennis Ball Thrower Chucker Launcher

Would like to have some fun and run along with your golden retriever? Grab this giant tennis ball that you can chase together with your dog. This is definitely the best manual dog ball launcher. When you are young and with all the energy inside of you, you can spend your time playing outdoor chasing game with your pet using this enjoyable toy.

It comes handy too with its material made of rubber and felt. This is not harmful for kids too, so you can allow them to come with you and play. This inexpensive toy is a must in this summer break to spend time with your beloved sweet dog.

4. Franklin Pet Supply Dog Fetch Toy – Tennis Ball Launcher

Just like the first of our list, the Franklin company brand produces one of the best dog ball launcher. The Franklin tennis ball launcher comes in one size but a very handy product to pay fetch with your pet. An over the head pet ball thrower is definitely a fun thing to do to relax and exercise.

It is no secret that our dogs loves to run and chase around, but if you find it hard to keep up with their energy, then using a ball thrower is must-have. With its easy to use feature, say goodbye to back pain from bending over to get the ball. This product is very affordable and yet durable to its price.

5. NHL Rubber Hockey Puck Toy

When you can’t leave your love for the sports behind, you may want to play it together with your active little pet. NHL rubber puck toy is a hockey ball that comes with two ropes to make it attractive to your pets, will be your best choice to play a hockey-like game.

I remember Lionel Messi is playing, and at the same time developing his skill by juggling a soccer football with his Dogue de Bordeaux dog. So why limit yourself when you can do it too?

I am confident that this toy is within your budget, while the quality is assured to last long.

6. Hyper Pet Ball Launcher Interactive Dog Toys

A unique designed ball launcher that you can use to play with your pet. The product is made up of the best quality rust resistant steel. It has an easy to use feature picking up the ball using the launcher, itself. Because you have to throw the ball in a sling makes it enjoyable to use. The best part is this product can carry up to four tennis balls at the same time—what more can you ask for?

The product may price a little over $30, but there is an option to choose the 1-ball launcher, which costs half of the price.

7. Nerf Dog Trackshot Arrowhead Launcher with Interactive Design

When it comes to unique design, you would want to get this Neft arrowhead launcher. The product does not come with a ball, but the item itself launches like an arrow your dog will fetch. When throwing, it can reach up to 75 feet distant enough to make your pet moving his body.

The launcher is colored in bright blue and orange to make it more attractive and visible in lawn grass in the yard or at the park. The design and materials are guaranteed to be safe for your pet, and it is durable to make lasting fun. The price is a little less to $30.

8. Hyper Pet Throw-N-Go Retractable Compact Tennis Ball Launcher

Another Hyper pet produced product at its best quality and considered one of the best dog ball launchers. This is because the product comes two sizes in one, which means it is expandable with an easy grip rubber handle. The body is made of non-toxic all-weather plastic and bright colors.

9. Pet Prime Dog Sport Ball Launcher with Telescoping Handle with Squeaky Ball

Pet Prime brings you easy and fun to use products with a squeaky ball. The sound the ball makes attracts your pet to play along and fetch it. Even when you lose sight of your dog, you will get to where he or she is with the help of the squeaky sound of the ball.

The handle is expandable too, which makes it easy to use and control the distance when you throw the ball. The ball grip makes it easy to pick up the ball without getting your hand dirty on it. The plastic handle is durable and made of non-toxic materials too.

10. All for Paws Interactive Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy

When you don’t feel like moving an inch or life a finger, All for Paws brings you this automatic dog ball thrower, so that you can still spend time playing with your pet. All you have to do is to place the ball on the launcher when being handed to you by your cute dog.

Besides, you can train your dog on how to put the ball on the launcher, so that he can play independently. However, the owner’s supervision is highly advised too.


Playing fetch with your dog at the park during summer gives a lot of benefits in their well-being, namely:

  • Running around chasing a ball is considered as a physical exercise for your pet. Just like people, our pets need to keep their body moving and exercise for a better heart rate which is good for their health.
  • Unknowingly you are training your dog. Dog training is important so that they will not grow aggressive towards you or to other people too, though most of the time, our pets are the sweetest for us.
  • Stress reliever for both the owner and the pet. With our busy daily schedules, we are stressed with unfinished workloads, while our pets get stressed when being left home alone.

Without this kind of activity, our pets may grow distant to people, and they will continually bark to random people and unfamiliar objects in the house. That said, never hesitate to get your dog proper playing toys, and not just any other toys because it might harm them in some way.

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