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Best Dog Bike Trailer 2020 Reviews

Enjoy biking with pets with the best dog bike trailer. Going for biking with your dog can be an exciting activity. Although, it is not always possible as some pets might not be disciplined to run along with you, while some of them might not possess the ability to do so. However, you can always go for a ride with your dog with the best dog bike trailer 2020.

There are different kinds of dog bike trailers each with their different features and sizes. Some of them can collapse so that you can store them easily whereas, some do the work of a stroller.

The best dog bike trailer reviews have been given below to find the best one for your canine friend.

Best Dog Bike Trailer Reviews

1. Best choice 2-in-1 pet trailer and stroller

Get your hands on the 2-in-1 pet trailer and stroller by the Best choice. The convenience of the stroller along with its ability to convert into a trailer will leave you impressed. Also, it has large wheels (20-inches) that will make it a feature-driven choice for riders. The stroller gives you all the features you would demand in the best-rated dog bike trailer without paying much. And, it provides the usage of a stroller as well that of a trailer in the same carriage.

The windows vented with mesh will keep your canine friend comfy in warm days. It can bear a weight of up to 66 pounds. Moreover, the universal-style hitch is going to work with almost all bikes. You can even use the carriage on bumpy tracks or paved roads without worrying about the stability of the unit.

2. Aosom Elite II dog bike bicycle 2-in-1 trailer and stroller

If you are looking for a dog bike trailer and stroller on which you can rely on the safety and comfort of your canine, then Aosom Elite II is a good option. The carriage is available in three colors- blue, white, and red. Also, the trailer can be converted into a dog stroller. The carriage unit features large wheels measuring 20 inches. Its frame is constructed from steel that is lightweight, resistant to rust, and durable. It is the best dog cycle trailer.

The dog bike trailer can bear a weight of about 88 pounds. The unit features three doors, making it convenient for your pet to get in and out of it. The front wheel of the unit can be calibrated as swivel or fixed, according to your plan to use it.

3. Schwinn Rascal pet trailer

The Schwinn Rascal pet trailer impresses you with its affordability. The bike trailer is a safe and perfect means to take your dog for a bike ride with you. The unit features wheels that can be released easily and distinct folding frame that helps you to pack the unit quickly for easy transport and storage. The frame of the unit is made from steel that imparts durability to it. **The dog trailer can be attached to any cycle or vehicle easily and the tires of the trailer can be inflated with any regular cycle pump. Also, the user can adjust the internal leash to prevent the fuzzy fellow from jumping out of the trailer. The trailer can hold a pet with a weight of about 50 lbs. The unit offers sufficient ventilation to your pet and comes with a safety flag. 

4. Solvit Hound About bike trailer 

If you are looking for a bike trailer for a large dog, the Solvit Hound About trailer got you covered. The unit can support a dog weighing 110 pounds comfortably. Also, the lower design adds to the comfort of the dog is getting in and out of the trailer. The sunroof helps your dog to peep out of the trailer while enjoying the comfortable ride. 

The trailer features several pockets that can carry poop bags, treats, and bottles, giving you access to all the things that you need. The bike trailer is made from 600-D polyester with doors and waterproof floorboards. The trailer even features a washable and removable cushion to offer the ultimate comfort to your friend. The tool also has a wide wheelbase that offers additional stability. 

5. Burley Design Tail Wagon Bike Trailer

Take your friend with you with the versatile transportation by Burley. The maximum weight that the transportation carriage can bear is 75 pounds that enables you to carry two small or one medium friends wherever you go. The Burley wagon bike trailer is engineered specifically to ensure that the best friend of a man remains comfortable and happy during the bike ride or stroll. The carriage features quick-release wheels that are made from alloy and a suspended floor to maintain stability even on bumpy roads. Furthermore, the side batten maximizes the stability by preventing the dog from shifting sides during the ride. The trailer features a flip-down tailgate that enables the dog to enter and leave the carriage easily. The removable floor can be washed to maintain cleanliness. The unit comes with mesh covers for maximum airflow, and all-weather covers with zippers. 

6. Instep double seat bike trailers for pets

Instead of carrying one while you go on a ride, you can carry two with the Instep double seat bike dog trailer. The Instep dog trailer can transport two pets, who weigh 80 pounds in total. The model has several useful features and some protections such as an insect and a weather shield. Some more safety features include a safety flag and a 5-point harness. The dog trailer has 16-inches pneumatic tires possessing molded rims that enhance the safety, and performance of the unit.

The carriage can be folded easily and the folding frame with a quick-release wheel allow easy and quick storage, assemblage, and transport. Moreover, the 16-inches pneumatic types guarantee a non-bumpy and comfortable ride. The model offers excellent durability and strength.

7. Petego comfort wagon dog bicycle trailer

The Petego comfort wagon dog bicycle trailer is available in two different sizes to provide the utmost comfort to your dog. The Petego comfort wagon trailer is made with the safety of the canine friend in mind. The bicycle dog trailer features an Italian design and suspension to guarantee a smooth ride. The frame of the trailer is made from aluminum that offers durability and strength to it. Get your dog riding in style with the Petego comfort trailer. The trailer can bear a weight of about 165 lbs and will fit even larger dogs perfectly. The mesh panels of the unit are of high quality and are claw proof.

8. Rage Powersports pull-behind dog bicycle trailer PT 10117 R

The PT 10117-R Rage dog trailer can pull large dogs with utmost comfort and ease. The steel tube support of the frame enables the trailer to carry a maximum weight of 85 lbs. The chariot-styled dog trailer features mesh panel on both its sides that offer proper ventilation. Also, the bicycle trailer has roll-down window covers made from plastic that protects the dog from unfavorable weather. Moreover, the nylon fabric makes the unit water-resistant that keeps the dog cool and dry. The Large pneumatic wheels measuring 20 inches makes it easy to navigate on bumpy trails, grass, pavements, and sidewalks. 

9. Sepnine 2-in-1 pet dog bike bicycle trailer stroller jogger 20303

The Sepnine 2-in-1 pet dog trailer 20303 can be concerted from trailer to a jogger and vice versa, easily without demanding any tools. The carriage is made from steel that offers strength to the unit. The tool can carry a weight of about 66 lbs. Dual entry design enables the dog to go in and out of the unit easily. Also, the unit features a safety leash to prevent the dog from jumping out of the carriage.

10. DoggyRide mini dog bike trailer

The Doggy Ride bike trailer is a perfect option for going for biking trails or just to have a visit around the lane with your best friend. The durable trailer is made from a powdered steel frame, resilient 600-D nylon, and UV resistant mesh panels. The trailer also features a rain screen. To offer complete biking experience, the unit includes a bicycle hitch, towbar arm, safety flag, and interior set of a leash. The interior cabin measures 23 inches x 15 inches x 22 inches and can bear a weight of 55 pounds.


If you are a dog-lover along with being an avid biker, you will love to take your canine friend for a ride. After all, why would you wish to leave your dog back at home when you take the chills of an adventure. But the best dog trailer and enjoy riding with your friend in style.

Our preferred choice has been the Best choice 2-in-1 pet trailer and stroller as it is convenient, sturdy, and strong. Also, we have gone through some affordable options such as the Schwinn Rascal pet trailer that also has some amazing features to leave us impressed.

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