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Top 10 Best Dog Dryers Review in 2020

Bath Time always serves a bonding time for dogs and owners alike. After a long soak to water, dog hair needs to groom to maintain a healthy coat.

Hairy dog breeds needed more grooming requirements than other usual dog breeds. Keeping your dog hair groomed is important in maintaining healthy and her well-being.

Whether short-hair or long-hair breeds grooming their hair would demand attention and should not be taken for granted because it may cause some serious issues that pose a threat if not checked.

If you have a regular bathing dog, then you need a high-performance and most reliable dog hairdryer.  Since dogs easily catch a cold if they don’t get dried in a short amount of time.

Listed below is the 10 best dog dryer available in the market if you have difficulty in choosing one.

Best Dog Dryer 2020 Reviews

1. Shernbao Pet Grooming Hair Force Dryer

First in our list is a top seller that satisfies thousands of customers. This dog dryer was equipped with a powerful and stable motor that can quickly dry your dog’s hair. Your favorite best friend can enjoy the different temperatures that she loves since it has a switching mechanism that can control a certain amount of temperature. Regulate the airflow and control according to the size of your dog. 

This product promises security for owners and pets since this dryer has been examined and authenticated by relevant electronic safety standards. It’s high performing dog dryer that leads our top list for the best dog dryers for 2020.

2. Free Paws Pet Dryer Dog Hair Blower

Designed for dog’s interest in convenient grooming purposes. It was provided with a powerful and stable motor perfect to work in a long period that guarantees efficiency and comfort. This dryer is also ideal for dogs that are new in the grooming routine since it produces less sound during grooming time after bath.

Issues 5 different nozzles surely your dog will enjoy it’s drying demands and to make a shiny coat for your dogs. The motor produces heat when it runs, as it blows fairly warm air that will provide fast dryness after taking bath.

The manufacturers promise that their product is an owner and a pet-friendly dryer that would not cause accidents like burned nozzles or electrocuted since this item is tested and passed the standards for its safety issues.

3. Bonnlo Hair Dryer Pet Grooming Blower

The common problem during grooming is having a noisy sound that makes your dog uncomfortable during the process. With the best dog blow dryer, you can ensure that your dog will not be distracted, causing difficulty after bath time.  Drying the hair of your dog will take a shorter time, you can rest assure that this groomer can provide both safety and performance, all at once.

This product also guarantees to have short power consumption, which saves more energy and money. Special features with waterproof function, so you can use it anytime you want. Your furry best friend will surely love to take a bath and enjoy herself as the dryer blows with the right amount of air that she desires.

4. IONE Dog Professional Double Force Grooming Blower

If you have a medium and small dog, then this next item is just for you. IONE Dog Professional Double Force Grooming Blower has a perfectly comfortable hand grip dryer suited for fast and effective air blows. You and your dog would love this product since this blower offers safe blue LED light that detects stains, urine, and dirt that are still attached after taking a bath.

It is designed with a short narrow mouth that contributes a uniform fixed blow and constant temperature. Developers of this product attached a steady motor for easy manipulation when in use.

Furthermore, this best dog hair dryer is recommended by many caretakers and owners for medium and small breed dogs.

5. Metro Air Force Steel Commander Dog Dryer

Dog skin are more sensitive than human skin, every dryer that you purchase must come with flexible airflow. Since the fur on the dog’s body is a lot thicker than that on its face and neck, that means that the dog’s facial skin is most sensitive at these parts than the rest of the body. Using slightly hotter airflow for the rest of the body, while on the face and neck the setting should be gentle and comfortable. 

Let your dog decide what temperature best suited for her, you can tell it based on his reaction during grooming. Always start slow and then recognize where the dog is comfortable with the temperature and the hair is drying off.

6. BPD-1 High Velocity Pet Groomer Dryer

Thick-coated dog breeds will savor the low-speed setting that you can use with of the four nozzles delivered. Unlike most dryers for dogs, this best dog blow dryer has less force, therefore, allows a quieter motor, which is ideal for dogs suffering from anxiety or high levels of stress.

Even though the B-Air Dryer’s lifespan is short than the average dog groomers and lasted on for a few months, these are just a minority but it’s important to know it before purchasing. The air discharged is warmer but it will not burn the dog’s skin since there is no heating element.

7. XPOWER Cage Dryer

Purchase this dryer along with a firm, heat airflow that works on drying any thickness dog hair by blowing away each hair. Sturdy encasing for the rubber hoses, one that is strengthened with extra metal support. The hose is so adjustable; you can bend it in any direction you desire. It features an extremely lightweight and portable groomer, durable and with very low maintenance.

Double filters fitted into the machine ensure that no amount of clogging ever hampers the working of the dryer. Cleaning is super easy, you can wash it once. You can control the airflow speeds depending on the amount of air you desire.

8. SHELANDY Pet Hair Force Dryer

Speaking with quality, this best dog dryer blower that comes with four special nozzles. These nozzles possess different shapes and sizes, to make air-drying a fun activity for your dog. It has multiple shapes and airflows, the pet gets dried in less than a minute. Adjusting the type of airflow according to the size of the dog, and other factors that will affect the drying process.

It has an adjustable inlet has also taken complete care to suppress noise as much as possible. To support this, the manufacturer has added four different layers of sound-canceling technology. The machine also comes with a year-long warranty and two different heat and coldness controls. It also proves that the air-drying system will not just dry the fur, but it will also work undercoat and get rid of loose hair.

9. Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Dryer

If you’re a dog lover, here’s a dryer you can use. It is just at par with some of its other contemporaries but at a much lower price cost. Accessible only in one color black this is a small and mobile machine. It comes with adjustable speed and options for nozzles with additionally, durability for long-lasting performance, it is puncture resistant and double reinforced.

Specially made for those who want to make professional grooming and styling provide comforts for your pet, this is an easy-to-use and affordable dog dryer.

10. Andis Quiet Aire Dryer

If you are in a budget this item is perfect for your needs. The best dog grooming dryer promotes the same function and proves to be effective in grooming the dog’s hair. These are low-pressure dryers that may have you take ages to dry your dog completely.

These hair dryers for dogs will most certainly be the first choice for a lot of first-time buyers or occasional groomers. If you decide on using these, make sure you use the least warm temperature setting just to remain safe for the dog you are drying.

How do you remove dog smell from a pet dryer?

There are simple hacks to clean your dryer. No need to buy expensive cleaning agents and fragrances, instead, this simple solution is effective and extremely safe for the dryer, for the dog and for you. Just dip a clean cloth into the cup of distilled white vinegar and get wiping. Remove the air filter and clean it out with a dry cloth. Set it aside to aerate a little. While it gets some fresh air, dig into the dryer with your vinegar-soaked cloth and dab away. Leave the machine dismantled for a few hours. Your dryer will have deodorized in a cheap and effective way.

Are force dryers always blowing cold air?

Yes, force dryers do not aim to dry the dog. Instead, they blow out air with so much force that the water blows off the dog’s hair. These work on the principle of getting the water off, instead of gradually drying it up.

How do I get my dog used to a hair dryer?

The key is to go slow and start early. When you start them young, the fear of the dryer and its sound doesn’t manifest. The older the dog, the harder it is to get them to adapt to something new.


Daily Maintenance of your dog’s hair can take a lot of effort and invest you a little money on it, but as we have loved them like a family all of these difficulty will surely be worth it. Furthermore, keeping them well groomed will not just make your dog healthy but good looking as well.

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