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Top 10 Best Ferret Cages 2020 Reviews

Buying the best ferret cages gives your furry friends a space of their own. These cages do not just give them a living area; the cages provide them with enough freedom to move around and play. In this review, we have selected the best cages in the market for 2020. The list has been orchestrated after considering factors such as the size, ease of cleaning, security, and space for playing around. Keep reading to know more about the best cages available according to your requirements.

10 Best Ferret Cages To Provide A Comfort Home For Your Furry Friend

1. Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Cage

Topping the list as the best ferret cage of 2020 is Prevue HendryxBlack Feisty Ferret cage. The company is top-rated for its pet supplies, and the quality of this cage model is good enough. There is ample room for your ferrets to play and walk around. The two-story cage comes with a guaranteed escape-proof latch. The big doors also help in easy access and have a sliding tray for cleaning. The portable cage is constructed using wrought iron of Hammerton finish and power coated with non-toxic paint, which ensures safety to pets on biting. The cage weighs 50 pounds and has four levels of living space with three ramps, hammock, grill, and two plastic platforms. This highly durable cage also falls under the affordable category.

2. Yaheetech Multi-levels Rolling Cage

Yaheetech Multi-levels rolling cage is another budget-friendly option for your ferrets. The cage is suitable for those with multiple ferrets. There is ample room for ferrets to play and live. The ramps connect the 6-levels of the cage and have three doors that are fitted with escape-proof locks. At the bottom, there is a sliding tray for easy cleaning. The cage is equipped with roller coasters, which provides for easy portability. The dimension is 25.2 X 16.9 X 51.6 inches. The accessories included are bottle (350 ml), plastic feeding box, ramps, shelves, and sliding tray. The comparatively lightweight cage is strongly constructed with Hammertone finish and corrosion resistance. These cages are perfect for use in homes, shops and outdoor as well.

3. Midwest Homes for Pets Deluxe Ferret Cage

Yet another cage for those having multiple ferrets is offered by the reputed company-  Midwest Critter Nations. The four leveled cage is connected through three ramps, which provides grippy covers for easy up and down movement of your ferrets. These also offer the best ferret cage setup as you get height adjustable and removable shelves. Therefore, you can customize the cage according to your requirement. The full-width double doors also give room for easy access and cleaning. No worries as the locks are escape-proof. You can also remove the ramps and separate the space into two areas. Thus, you give personal space to newcomer ferrets too. There is also space for storing supplies at the lower shelf, which reduces the cluttering of pet-related products around the house.

4. Kaytee Multi-level Cage

Looking for a multi-level, colorful cage for your ferret friends? Then Kaytee ferret cage is the one to watch out. This multi-level cage can house multiple ferrets. These high-energy animals will never run out of fun and living space in this cage. The cage includes slides, funnels, and hammock to keep your ferrets engaged. The cage weighs 20.7 pounds and has caster wheels, which makes it portable.  The cage measures 24 X 24 X 41.5 inches. It also comes with a large plastic base, which iseasy to access and clean. These are also stain-proof, so you can remove stains just by washing with water. The cages are available in multiple colors so that you can choose the one according to your likes. This model is made with a chew-proof metal coating. Therefore, you can be assured of safety.

5. Living World Deluxe Habitat

Though primarily designed for rabbits, Living World deluxe habitat can be a wonderful home for those having single ferret. This is the best cage for ferrets opting for plenty of space and a peaceful living environment. The cage is designed with a plastic base held together by wire upper framing. The wireframing gives ample room for ventilation. It also includes an upper-level area accessible by ramp. The highlighting feature of the cage is a dark room that gives your ferret a comfortable space to hid when intruded by strangers as well as places to sleep peacefully. The case comes with a food bowl. This cage is excellent for senior ferrets who usually prefer ample, peaceful space rather than multi-levels that tire them easily. The cage has two wire top opening and one front door for easy access.

6. Prevue Hendryx Cocoa Frisky Pet Cage

Looking for a secure, highly durable, and comfortable cage for your ferrets? Then, Prevue Hendryx cocoa frisky cage will cross-out all your requirements. These are the best cages for a single ferret. It gives enough space for playing and living. The cages measure 25 X 17.1 X 34 inches and weigh 20 pounds. It has large front and rooftop doors for easy access, ramps, and upper living area. The lower section of the cage can be used for storing supplies. These lightweight cages are portable as it comes with caster wheels. The construction is robust and hasa non-toxic chemical coating that assures safety to your ferret. The cleaning can also be done quickly as there is a sliding tray that removes wastes.

7. Go2buy Three Doors Ferret Cage

If you are looking for tall ferret cages, then you can opt for Go2buy three doors ferret cage. These 5-tier cages are like luxurious villas for ferrets to play, sleep, eat, and spend their days comfortably. The multi-levels are connected with sturdy ramps that promise grip. These keep your ferret engaged all day long. It comes with three large front doors which come handy for easy access and cleaning. This cage also comes with a complementary wall-mounted waterer that ensures ferrets can drink by themselves. It comes fitted with four heavy-duty casters for easy portability. The size of the cage is 25.2 X 16.9 X 51.6 inches. The tall cage does fall on the heavier side, which also guarantees long-lasting durability.

8. Ferplast Ferret Tower

Ferplast ferret tower is a sturdy build, heavy-duty cage which is highly durable and offers some of the best comfort home features for ferrets. The case measures 29.5 X 31.5 X 63.4 inches and weighs 45.6 pounds. The bar spacing is 7 X 5 inches. The cage comes with a litter pan, a large water bottle, a food bowl, two ramps, two adjustable play tubes, a hammock, and threeflexible platforms. The doors are present on every floor and also on the rooftop. Both the floor is equipped with 6 inches deep litter pan. These can be easily cleaned by unlatching the wire portion of the cage. The cage is easy to set up and has escape-proof locks. You can also move the cages as it has four caster wheels attached to the cage.

9. Mcage 3 Levels Ferret Cage

Mcage 3 level ferret cage is a small cake though it has multiple levels. This cage is suitable for smaller ferrets. The all-metal design ensures that the cage is sturdy and are safe for your pets. This cage is easy to set up as well as fold away whenever needed making it travel friendly. It comes with a slide-out bottom pan, which makes cleaning easy. The cage has two large front doors for easy access, and removable wire raised grate floor. It also comes with easy-carry handles.  The ½ inch bar spacing guarantees that the baby ferrets cannot escape.

10. Marchioro Sara 82 C3 Cage

If space is your concern, then, Marchioro Sara 82 C3 cages can satisfy you! These are very spacious and good quality cages built using the right materials. It doesn’t compromise on the fun either and has beautifully divided the ample space into four levels. It comes with three adjustable height shelves, which are interconnected by three ramps. You can customize these according to your requirements. The accessories included are a food bowl, water bottle, and tubes. Another feature available is small houses for your ferret to enjoy self-time. The cage has two large front access doors and a basal plastic tray to collect litters. You can easily move it as this has four caster wheels attached to it. However, assembling the case might be a little tedious task.

Should cages be small or big?

This depends on the size of your ferret. Ferrets are highly social animals; however, they are picky when it comes to living space. It is always better to pick a larger cage so that you don’t have to buy another cage as they grow. When purchasing a larger cage for the smaller ferret, pay attention to the bar size to make sure they don’t escape.

How to clean cages?

Cleaning cages shouldn’t be much of a problem as all the cages come with litter pan or tray, which can be easily cleaned. There are good choices when it comes to picking the best ferret cage cleaner in the market. These will help in disinfecting the tray.

Is the bedding required?

It is always better to pick up some bedding materials. These will help to protect the ferret’s feet against wire mesh and waste products. Again, there are excellent choices when it comes to selecting the best ferret cage bedding.


These are the best cages in the market today. The list will help you choose the best one according to your needs. These cages will promise a comfy and lively living environment for your ferrets.

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