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Best Horse Clippers 2020 Reviews

Proper grooming with the best horse clippers is necessary to maintain the optimal well-being of your horse. The horse clippers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Also, it is convenient to have one handy. Whether you have a backyard stable or organize a barn show, you need to keep your horses groomed perfectly and need to trim the bridle path. However, visiting the grooming shop every time your horse needs a trim, can be a bit expensive. Investing in the right tool that makes the job easier and quicker would be a wise decision.

The list of best horse clippers 2020 features a list of convenient, affordable, and durable options with some advanced features. Let’s dig in through some.

Top 10 Best Horse Clipper Reviews

1. Andis Super AGR plus cordless detachable blade clipper

The Super AGR plus cordless clipper from Andis guarantees continuous hours of non-stop grooming of your horse. Its break-resistant and contoured blades help you to work without any halt. Using this powerful tool, you can trim your horse’s hair in just one hour. It is an ideal choice for those busy days and busy groomers who have to look after several horses at a particular time. The Andis Super AGR is the best cordless horse clippers.

The Andis Superset consists of a battery with high-capacity that needs to be charged separately from the tool. The primary material used in the construction of the unit is a polymer. With proper maintenance and use, the tool can last for years. The tool provides a versatile solution for clipping for complete livestock and equine grooming. The cordless designs add to the mobility of the unit.

2. Andis AGC Super 2 professional speed horse clipper

The green-colored body clipper from Andis is another great product for professional body clipping. The AGC Super 2 clipper is a great option for horse owners who are in search of a unit that can carry out full body lipping. All these features sum up to make it thebest horse clippers for body clipping. It features a blade that can be detached from the unit.

The unit is designed for everyday heavy-duty and rugged use. The tool is shatter-proof and resistant to break. The clipper can last for a long time with proper maintenance and care. The unit snugs in your hand perfectly giving you comfort even during continuous hours of trimming. The unit also has a cool-running powerful rotatory motor that does not require any maintenance. This eliminates the requirement for vents and fans.

3. Wahl professional animal power grip equine 2-speed pro clipper

Get your hands on the professional unit by Wahl that weighs less than a pound. The tool offers impeccable mobility when you trim your horse’s hair. The sleek design of the clipper provides ultimate maneuverability. Also, the clipper is capable of delivering constant control of speed, making it a great choice for commercial use. Even your horse has a tough coat, the clipper can groom it effortlessly in no time. What else does it demand it to be the best horse body clippers!

It has a standard easy-to-replace system of the power drive mechanism and drives tip function that assures that the clipper can work continuously for long hours. Also, the durability of the tool is made to last for years. The blade is made from high-quality steel and the rounded housing offers great control on the task.

4. Clipmaster clipping machine by Oster

The Oster clip master machine offers a shatter-proof and lighter solution for grooming your horse. The unit has the ultimate balance for improved maneuverability. Also, it eliminates the fatigue of the user while working due to its comfort. The variable speed of the unit can be adjusted from 700 to 3000 strokes every minute- 3000 strokes every minute being the single rate. The matte color finish and improved textures allow a secure and firm grip while using the tool.

The clipping machine comes with a removable storage tray, brush, compartments for the blade, toolbox case, and screen for grease intake. Moreover, the motor reduces the chances of a breakdown of the device that makes it quicker to get the grooming of your horse done. Even for beginners who need to carry out full body clipping, the unit will prove itself to be a good choice.

5. Missyee electric animal hair shearing clipping

Make horse grooming a breeze with the Missyee electric animal clipping machine with no cutting mishaps taking place.

The Missyee electric shearing clipping offers superior overheat control. The compact structure of the clipper makes it a great option for heavy-duty usage. Also, the lightweight of the unit offers enhanced control over it while you trim your horse’s hair. The unit offers lower vibration so that your horse does not get startled. And, the comfortable handle lets you work for hours without any fatigue. The reliable and flexible operation of the machine makes it a good option for use in commercial purposes. Moreover, the unit demands minimum maintenance and it operates quietly.

6. Jempet horse fur clippers kit

The Jempet horse clipper works well with medium and large-sized horses. It makes it easy to shear animals with thick furs and coats. The unit is engineered with 380-Watt power and an incredible speed of cutting (2500 RPM). The primary material used in the construction of the tool is copper that makes the device resistant to heat. The 1 to 6 gears for speed control enable the machine to operate and finish the task faster. The gears from 1 to 3 are a bit slow and are more suitable for beginners. While the gears from 4 to 6 are high speed and are advised to be used by the professionals. Moreover, the ergonomic handle of the tool makes it comfortable to use the machine. And, the strong nylon polymer body assists in minimizing the vibration and noise from the tool. 

7. Zowaysoon 500W 110V 220V animal electric clipper

The electric clipper from Zowaysoon is made of plastic and aluminum to offer the utmost durability to the user. It comprises of 6 adjustable speed for precise and quick shearing of your equine fellow. The pressure of the blade can be adjusted with a rotatable button. The head is made from aluminum and its strengthened body is great for regular heavy-duty use. 

The ergonomic design combined with a human-contoured grip and no-frills makes room for comfort even when you hold the unit for long hours. The unit consists of a sharp and precise blade that provides superb speed for blade cutting (up to 2400 RPM). The tool makes it easy to clip even for amateurs. Moreover, the unit has a cooling mechanism that prevents the device from overheating. Also, it possesses ventilators to prevent your blades from getting overheated. 

8. Andis heavy-duty cordless horse clipper

The Andis horse clipper is an all-round clipper that looks after all your shearing issues. The heavy-duty clipper is free from vibration and comprises of quiet operation mechanism so that your horse does not get startled in the process of its grooming. Also, the lightweight and compact design of the product gives full control of the unit when you use it. One can manipulate the device efficiently even with small hands. 

The unit comes with a storage case. The perfect blade tension adjustment is great for large animals. The device demands minimum requirement and allows you to trim your equine at your convenience. 

9. Lister Legend 110V clipper

The Lister Legend horse clipper has a motor consisting of a permanent magnet that offers constant speed. The high-power clipper can be used for professional usage. The clipper is engineered for heavy-duty use and the sheering clipper makes a great option for horses that have thick coats. The unit comes with a sturdy case to secure the device properly.  

Moreover, it consists of amazing features such as air-cooled blade, snap-on filter, powerful motor, and multi-position grip. The advanced technology of the unit keeps the discomfort at bay while you work. 

10. MTP 350W electric clipper

The MTP 350W electric clipper is a durable option for continuous usage. It can be used to shear or clip animals with thick coats and furs. The unit is compatible with Oster, Heiniger, GTS, and Shear magic blades. The device is safe to use and has been approved by ROHS and CE. The unit has a system of blade pressure adjustment that decreases the vibration and noise during operation. Also, the nylon body enables the user to achieve high speed while maintaining cold temperature every time.    


Keep your horse properly groomed and fabulous with the ultimate horse hair clipper. Also, it keeps your friend comfortable and warm. With the best horse clipper, you will be able to provide the best comfort that your horse needs.

The Andis Super AGR stands top on the list because of its contoured break-resistant blades, high-capacity battery, and durability. However, there are other tools provided in the list that also offers several exciting features. You must make the decision based on your requirements and your equine’s comfort.  

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