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Best Outdoor Cat Houses Reviews 2020

Best outdoor cat houses have been popular for decades. Given that most people would keep their cats outdoors. Thus a cat house provides your cat(s) with a sense of security and a cozy homely feeling. It can be great for their mental stimulation as well as their physical comfort.

You might remember Spike, the very angry but adorable dog from the Tom & Jerry cartoon show, and how he seemed to have a nice and cozy sleep in it until Tom would bother him with a brand new shenanigan. Following that storyline, how about getting your kitty cat their very own cute and comfortable cat house?

It is very clearly evident that cats like to have their own privacy and alone time, hence a cat house can be a great idea! Although according to feral connoisseurs, the best cat house is a box, there happen to be multiple kinds of cat houses for you to buy – indoors, outdoors, heated, etc. But you don’t have to worry, we have sorted them all out and we shall provide you with the 10 best products of them all.

Best Outdoor Cat Houses Reviews

1. K&H Outdoor Kitty House

Our top pick for the best outdoor cat house also happens to be the most popular product out there. With over 4,000 reviews and counting, there is a reason why this is the most widely purchased product in the category. An amazing cat house for use outdoors, this comes with both heated and unheated versions that you can choose from.

This product features a front door and a back door, which is important for a cat if it ever needs to escape from its house.

According to the manufacturer, the outdoor cat house is water-resistant and that is an important quality, especially for the rainy months. This is thanks to the material of construction used. K&H uses high-quality nylon for manufacturing these houses, along with a solid vinyl backing.

2. Petsfit 2-Story Outdoor Weatherproof Cat House  

For those of you who love cats a lot and you want to make a proper home for them, this product by Petsfit might be the right thing for you. It is a complete cat house with two floors. It is also weatherproof providing a luxurious space for cats.

There are two versions of this cat house – one with stairs and one with a scratching pad. Both of these options are great for cats. Made from cedar wood like most of their products, the roof has an asphalt covering to make it water-resistant. There are two exits in the lower story, which allows the cat to escape in case any predator comes to attack it.

3. ecoFLEX Albany Cat House

This brilliant cat house made using nontoxic and recycled plastic materials, this is an eco-friendly product that is also durable. The manufacturer claims that it won’t fade, warp or crack. The 10- year warranty that comes along with the outdoor cat house has to be there for a reason if they are making such a big claim.

Another bonus quality about the cat house is that it is elevated off of the floor. This means it will not become damp from the ground up if it rains.

The house is also easy to assemble and you will not need any tools for it.

4. Petmate Kitty Kat Condo 

For a bigger cat, you need to make sure you have a cat house that is going to give it proper space to enjoy safety and comfort. The Petmate Kitty Kat Condo really is like a beautiful condo for the feline world. Made of nonporous plastic material, it is waterproof, easy to clean and provides a very safe space for large cats

Made in an igloo-like shape, this cat house has a carpeted floor, which provides an extra bit of insulation for large cats. It is a very cozy cat house because of the carpet inside, but that carpet can be a bit annoying for cleaning. The carpet is permanently fixed to the cat house floor, so you can never take it out.

There is only one exit door in this cat house, but it is pretty large.

5. The Kitty Tube Gen 3 

If you are the inadvertent owner of several stray cats, you will need to get a bigger cat house to comfortably accommodate them all.

The Kitty Tube Gen 3 is a unique looking outdoor cat house, which has a removable top and very spacious interior. The removable lid makes it easier for you to be able to just check in on what the conditions are inside the cat house. It also allows you to clean it without making a lot of effort.

The entry/exit to this cat house is in such a way that it provides easy passage for cats, but it does not allow predators to come in. This is actually a good shelter for your cats if they want to give birth to their litter and keep them safe.

6. Petsfit Weatherproof Cat Shelter 

Made using wood, this cat house model is weatherproof with an asphalt roof which you can use for the cat out in the open without any need for additional coverage. The paint used for the cat house is water-based, so you do not need to worry about any harmful toxins affecting the health of the cat.

This outdoor cat house can accommodate two big cats comfortably. There are two exits in this cat house to allow the cat to escape in case of any predator attacks. The back door comes with a plastic flap, so nobody can enter through the exit behind the cat.

One of the best features of this cat house, especially in terms of security is that it is elevated. This also means that in the case of rain, the cat house will protect your cat from the cold and damp floor as long as they are inside.

7. PETYELLA Cat Houses for Outdoor Cats

The pet shelter is spacious enough to hold a cat of all sizes. This cat house with a waterproof exterior is ideal for outdoor cats. Moreover, this house comes with a chew-proof cord and heated pet mat to keep your cats warm and comfortable during winter nights. The padded bottom keeps the furry one comfortable.

This house also comes along with a four-meter long extension cord. Furthermore, the plug-in timer helps you to save a lot of money and time. You can easily place this cat shelter in barns, garages, balconies, and porches. The house is travel-friendly and takes a few minutes to install. The removable flap doors keep your cats protected from snow, wind and cold weather

8. Outdoor Cat House by Pet Peppy

Give your feline a cozy resting spot with the Petpeppy insulated and waterproof cat house. This shelter is made from nylon canvas, which makes the piece durable and lightweight. With a self-heating mat included, the cat house keeps your pet warm and comfy. The mat features a reflective insert, which absorbs your pet’s natural body heat. Furthermore, the pet house has dual openings for easy movement.

A transparent door on one side gives your cat an outside view and can be used for safe escape if confronted by intruders.  It also features a zippered roof for easy setup. Also, this waterproof pet house comes with removable covers, that can be machine washed for easy maintenance

9. K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House Extra-Wide

If you’re looking for something at a lower price point or just don’t want an outdoor cat house that’s quite so permanent, this is a great option. Thanks to the zipper and Velcro fasteners, it’s easy to assemble but can also be disassembled and folded flat for easy storage while not in use or to take with you when moving homes. It’s constructed from nylon, which makes it water-resistant and helps offer protection from the wind. Removable clear door flaps and the roofs overhang offer additional protection and allow your cat to look out for threats and the two doorways allow your cat to quickly escape.

The large size of this cat house makes it great for larger cats or placing additional items that your cat may need or want access to, like food, water, or a litter box.

10. CozyCatFurniture Large Outdoor Cat House

One of the best outdoor cat houses that you can get is by CozyCatFurniture. It has a simple design that meshes well with any home and yard or garden, but it also has all the features that you need to keep your cat safe, warm, and dry. The inside of the cat house is lined with thermal ply insulation and it’s large enough for multiple cats.

The house itself is built on top of a stilted platform, positioning the cat house high enough to keep out any pooling water around it and allowing your cat to get a good look around for any dangers before they move too far away from the safety of the cat house. CozyCatFurniture also sells a vinyl door flap that can provide additional protection from precipitation as well as prevent heat from escaping out the door.


Now that we have listed the various benefits of a cat house, you can now decide how to select the best one for you. Apart from being functional, it has a beautiful look and meets your cat’s needs. It provides your feline with a private space and is ideal for them to sleep. If your love for cats is real, it will take a little bit of effort on your part to make sure that you provide the right kind of space to them. We hope that this guide will help you to buy the best outdoor cat house to meet the needs of you and your feline companion.

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