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Top 10 Best Rabbit Bedding Products Review

With these 10 best rabbit bedding products you do not have to imagine how uncomfortable your beloved pet would feel sleeping on a cold floor. Designed for comfort and coziness, rabbit beddings are perfect for replicating the burrow-like sleep arrangements of these furry animals. Our best rabbit bedding 2020 review covers everything you need to know to select the right product for your rabbit’s needs.  

Best Rabbit Bedding Reviews

1 CareFresh Small Pet Bedding – Best Rabbit Bedding

As one of the best rabbit bedding, the small pet bedding from Carefresh includes all the features of a comfortable bed for the little bunnies. Created using comfortable fluff, the bedding is two times more absorbent than shavings. This Carefresh small pet bedding comes in different size packets and offers at least a 10-day odor control assurance.

The product is made using raw and reclaimed natural fiber. This raw material is sourced directly from nature and the end product is created without using any harmful chemicals. In addition, its ‘pillowy’ softness makes it suitable for the little rabbits in all seasons. Depending on your requirement, you can select from different packet sizes ranging from 10L to 60L.

2 Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select is a well-known name in the pet bedding industry. Naturally, this product is hailed as one of the best bedding for rabbit cages. Like our first choice, this natural paper bedding is also made using unbleached fiber and food grade paper pulps.

Also, there is no health risk even if your pet swallows a bit of the product. Moreover, the wastage can also be used as compost as the product is one hundred percent biodegradable.

This dust-free and high-absorbent rabbit bedding is also soft and fluffy to ensure maximum comfort for your rabbits.

3 Kaytee Clean and Cozy White Small Animal Bedding

The Kaytee Clean and Cozy white small animal bedding has made it to our top three as it is one of the most absorbent rabbit bedding products that are available in the market today. This Kaytee product is capable of absorbing nearly six times its weight in liquid. This characteristic contributes highly towards controlling foul odor making it the best rabbit bedding for odor control.

Further, the fluffy texture imitates the natural habitat of a rabbit encouraging them to burrow and dig comfortably. This is because it is created using hygienic recycled raw materials making it harmless for your pet and the environment.

Lastly, being a 99% dust-free rabbit bedding product, it is ideal for those who are looking for a low maintenance option.

4 Vitakraft Fresh World – Best Bedding For Rabbit Cages

This crumble rabbit bedding from Vitakraft is excellent at absorbing moisture. This results in effective odor control. The rabbit’s bedding remains comfortable and dry for at least 2 weeks as all waste is absorbed.

Vitakraft Fresh World does away with the need for regular bedding checks and changes. This feature clubbed with the product’s affordability has made it a popular choice among rabbit owners. It certainly reduces the workload.

In addition to this, the bedding is created using recycled paper. This makes the Vitakraft pet bedding harmless to the environment and can be disposed of easily.

Lastly, the crumbled shape is very comfortable for the rabbit and produces less dust for convenient cleanup.

5 Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

This Critter Care bedding from Healthy Pet is designed to expand to almost two times its base volume. Further, it can also absorb merely three times moisture in comparison to its weight. The package is compressed to 12.5L and is capable of expanding to almost 30L. This helps tremendously in suppressing any strong odors emanating from your rabbit’s urine.

Additionally, the product is almost dust-free making it a healthy choice for the little bunnies to be surrounded by. There is a much lower chance for dust-related allergies for pets as well as their owners. Lastly, the bedding is compostable and biodegradable making it harmless for the environment.

6 Grass Mat Woven – Best Rabbit Bedding

Woven grass bet mats are an interesting addition to your rabbit’s living environment. They are convenient and serve various purposes. The grass mat serves as a chewable toy as well as a comfortable mat for your bunny friends.

The grass mat is hand-woven using one hundred percent natural fiber. Therefore, it is ideal for supplying the much-required fiber to your rabbits.

Further, they are double-pulled making them durable and sturdy to sit comfortably inside the wire cage. The natural grass odor helps rabbits feel the comfort of their natural setting.

Lastly, each package comes with three mats making this product an extremely affordable option that you can easily stock up on.

7 Kaytee Clean and Cozy Extreme Odor Control

Like most Kaytee products, this pet bedding is super-soft and an excellent option for keeping your pet dry and clean. The product comes in 2 sizes – 40L and 65L, allowing pet owners to ensure adequate coverage in the pet cage.

The material is 99% dust free and encourages the bunnies to be comfortable enough to nest or burrow. Most importantly, the bedding is capable of absorbing nearly 6 times its original weight in liquid. This ensures effective odor control for as long as 14 days. However, you may want to clean the cage at least once in 7-10 days to keep it clean.  

8 Peter’s Woven Grass Mat for Rabbits

Peter’s Woven grass mat is ideal for locations experiencing extreme climate conditions. It is naturally effective in protecting the paws of your furry pets from the bottom of the cage.

The environment-friendly grass mat also acts as a healthy chewy toy to keep the rabbits busy. The product can be used inside as well as outside the cage, or anywhere that your rabbits prefer to reside.

The mat comes with a 1-inch thickness and is larger in size than most grass woven mats. Although, you may still require more than one to cover the base of your cage is very large. The package contains a single mat that can help your rabbit sleep and relax comfortably.

9 Oxbow Timothy Mat – Best Rabbit Bedding

This Oxbow product is for those who like the idea of having a grass mat for bedding. This handwoven natural Timothy hay mat comes in 2 sizes – medium and large. And each package contains 2 individual pieces.

Grass mats are certainly the neater bedding types. And the Oxbow Timothy mat delivers much more than any standard grass mat.

The mat is carefully designed and does not include any wires or threads. Further, this chemical-free mat is harmless even if your rabbit ends up ingesting it.

While these mats may not be as cozy as the products reviewed above, they definitely offer a comfortable place for your rabbit to sit. As a result, this product is highly recommended for wire cage bottoms.

10 Kaytee Kay-KoB – Best Rabbit Bedding 2020

The Kaytee Kay-kob bedding comprises all-natural dried corn cobs that are graded for ensuring maximum comfort. It is also devoid of any artificial scents, additives, or colors. Being nearly 99 percent dust-free, this product is also easier to keep clean and does not result in acute respiratory problems.

The bedding is sufficiently absorbent and keeps the area odor-free. However, it is recommended to cover the bottom of the rabbit’s cage with at least 2-3 inches of Kaytee Kay-kob to achieve the best results. Further, the cage must be cleaned weekly to ensure maximum hygiene.

Is it ok if my rabbit eats its bedding’s hay?

Hay is a good source of nutrition for rabbits; however, it must be consumed in limited quantities. Also, in case your rabbit is eating a lot of bedding hay then you may consider another type of bedding.

How much bedding does a rabbit require?

This depends on the size of the pet. A regular-sized rabbit will require 3-5 inches of bedding. This will increase if your pet is larger than an average rabbit.

What beddings are harmful to rabbits?

Avoid using litter or bedding made from cedar and pine. Some better alternatives include aspen shavings or recycled paper. 


Best rabbit bedding to use depends on how your pet adopts to a certain type and also which ones are easy for you to maintain. While each of the products listed in this best rabbit bedding 2020 review comes with its unique characteristics, it is necessary to try out different types if you are not sure which ones to go for. The ultimate selection criteria must take into consideration the absorption power of the product. Also, pet beddings are regular purchases, so you may not want to begin with a product that you cannot afford in the long run. Lastly, make sure that irrespective of the product you select, the cage or rest area is regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure health and hygiene.

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