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Top 10 Best Sponge Filters 2020 Reviews

Most people who are in the aquarium hobby may not be fully insightful about the significance of investing in the best sponge filter for their tank. While in reality, this has been around since the period aquarium keeping has started, plenty of fish tank keepers either don’t know what this is utilized for or they do not have any idea why this product exists at all. And, even though sponge filters are not considered as appropriate for every tank, it is worth noting that there are certain situations when it is a beneficial tool for your aquarium.

This article aims to help both the freshman and pro in aquarium hobby to learn more about the high quality and reliable sponge filters that are available in the market at present. This way, you can come up with the right pick for your tank needs and preference.

Best Sponge Filter Reviews

Following are the reviews of the top 10 sponge filters to help you easily come up with a well-considered decision.

1. Aquaneat Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter

For anyone hoping to buy the best aquarium sponge filter, Aquaneat is the brand to trust.

This filter is known for being capable of providing just the sufficient amount of mechanical and biofiltration that smaller tanks need. In addition to that, the air infusion chamber is good at generating minute bubbles that aid in elevating the solubility of oxygen.

Also, this is not at all difficult to set up or clean. All you need to do is to set up an airline into the device and switch on the air pump; you may wash it off and squeeze the sponge in the tank water. Keep in mind that this product is the best to utilize for smaller tanks only.

2. Uxcell Aquarium Fish Tank Biochemical Sponge Filter

There is no point in spending extravagantly if you are in need of a reliable sponge filter for your aquarium. This product will be an ideal pick if you are keeping a significantly larger tank.

Most aquarium owners buy this product because it can be used in many ways. You can use it as a pre-filter for Hang-on-Back. The materials it is made of are of great quality and it works adeptly at keeping the tank water crystal clear. It comes in a large size; however, it can stay concealed behind tank adornments as well as aquatic plants in the tank. It is to note that this device does not trap various fish species inside.

3. Lustar – Hydro-Sponge V Filter for Aquariums

This fish tank filter is made wonderfully and the installation procedure is a breeze to handle. It is a high-density sponge filter that is designed with tiny pores.

It can perform exceptionally in polishing the tank water and is a wise option for gilt-edge biofiltration and mechanical polishing. This is easy to clean, you only have to wash it off and squeeze it using tank water.

It is equipped with a lift tube that enables water flow in higher volumes and you can utilize the powerhead without the aid of adapters too. Also, to guarantee the highest biological and mechanical residue capacity, this sponge filter was purposely made with proprietary patented sponge foam to keep your baby fishes safe.

4. Aquaneat Small Bio Sponge Filter

If you are not sure of what appropriate sponge filter to get for Betta, then you need to check this brand out. This is a brilliant option if you are dreaming of a filtration method that does not cause much water disruption. It is definitely an impressive filter for the price.

What is more, this is so easy and fast to set up and the cleaning method is not tiresome. You can rely on its suction cups and it is good to have a cycled filter readily available in case of unfortunate incidents. For sure, you will love the swiveling capability of the filters and the output.

This device makes use of bio and mechanical filtration technique, it is not tedious to maintain and can successfully lure floating food debris in the tank. Moreover, the air infusion chamber does a vital function in terms of generating minute bubbles that are responsible for bolstering the solubility of oxygen.

5. Powkoo Air Pump Sponge Filter

This sponge filter is simple to operate; it is not high maintenance and works perfectly in ensuring that your aquatic pets and plants can enjoy clean and fresh water in the tank. The water flow exit tube that is equipped on this device is easy to adjust the reason why it becomes straightforward to modify the height and direction of the water flow.

Moreover, it can instantly establish a biofilter and this is made possible by its A1 dual sponge design. Since there are two sponges, it can provide ample surface area for bacteria and this can also encourage speedy cycling. This can be positioned anywhere you like or you think is needed. It can be concealed on the tank’s back wall, so it won’t disrupt your tank décor.

6. Hikari Bacto-Surge Foam Filter

This product can also serve as a workable sponge filter for a 10-gallon tank. It can impressively work efficiently in absorbing tiny particulates in the aquarium. This comes with an appealing and functional design even though it is big in size. You will be satisfied with the manner it filters a good amount of water.

The Hikari sponge filter is made of soft foam materials that remain steady and are capable to sustain its pore density. You can utilize this with the aid of a large air pump so to provide the filtration it requires in a ten-gallon fry and breeding tank.

There is no need to clean the trickle filters or primary canister since utilizing this as a pre-filter helps in impeding messy substances from congesting the ceramic media. If necessary, you can just turn off the pump, lift the foam pre-filters, wash it off, and then replace it.

7. Aquaneat Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter

This 10-gallon sponge filter is tiny but it works like a beast. What makes it significantly distinct from other choices on the market is that it can help keep your cherry shrimp as well as baby snails safe and sound. Once it starts operating, it does not produce annoying noise that could disturb you and your aquarium inhabitants.

Furthermore, you will definitely enjoy watching your cherry shrimp frequently hanging out on the sponge. Wouldn’t it be relaxing to observe your aquarium pets delight in a clean and fresh tank environment?

8. XINYOU XY-2835 Fish Aquarium Mini Cylinder Soft Sponge Water Filter

The filter sponge is made for the air pump. It is easiest to clean. You can simply squeeze the filter sponge and rinse it under running water and it will be as good as new. It makes the water crystal clear and creates fine bubbles in the water as well.

It is also one of the cheapest filter attachments with better gradability than other expensive counterparts. The biochemical filtration helps improve fish tank quality.

The filter sponge also has an attached air stone to increase the efficiency of the filtration process. The filter does not allow even the fine debris to enter the water and thus it will not harm betta’s delicate fins.

9. XINYOU XY-2822 Air Pump Double Sponge Water Filter for Aquarium

The big brother of XY-2831 is this big guy. Not only does it have more power, but it also has better durability with larger fish tanks. The device is useful as not just a  breeding filter but also a secondary filter.

It can also be used as a pre-filtration unit by attaching it to the external or top filter. It can easily filter about 20 gallons of water. The barriers do not trap fry fish. In fact, there is no risk of fish getting trapped inside it. It is a perfectly suitable sponge filter when breeding and spawning Discus, Dwarf cichlids, guppies, and killifish.

There is a better chance of good bacterial colonization in the tank with this device, especially during the breeding season.

10. Huijukon Air Pump Double Sponge Filter

If you are planning to purchase a safe and effective sponge filter kit, then this is the product that you have been waiting for. This is harmless to utilize in that it is specially created using eco-friendly materials and it can function without producing much noise.  

When installing it, you can set it up in a place you think is needed or appropriate. If you prefer, you can even conceal it on the back wall of the tank. This already comes with two suction cups once bought.

It operates excellently in trapping hovering residues and can provide the shield that your baby fish needs as it wards off the potentiality for the baby fish to be sponged up into the filter.


In conclusion, by reading all the uses and benefits, and the best sponge filter products for you to consider that were dealt with in this post; you are now armed with enough knowledge regarding the brand that will best suit your requirements and aquarium keeping style.

As we have mentioned, sponge filters are capable of providing mechanical as well as biological filtration of byproducts, various sorts of dirt, and solid particulates that pollute the tank water. This is what makes this tool a great investment to have for your aquarium.

Assuredly, by being well-informed, it won’t be a challenging task for you to search for the right option that will cater to your needs and can help you accomplish your aquarium keeping objectives. With the right aquarium tools, equipment, and device, maintaining clean and fresh tank water is a hobby to cherish for a lifetime.

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