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Best Toys for Rabbits 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best toys for rabbits, you will find the one you like in this list. Rabbits cannot be taken for a walk or play like dogs. Like cats, dogs, and other pets, rabbits too should play around to stay healthy. The below list is finalized after considering certain factors to ensure the toys help the rabbits to stay engaged all day long.

Top 10 The Best Toys To Keep Your Rabbit Engaged All Day Long

1. Prosper Pet Rabbit Toy

Prosper pet rabbit toys can undoubtedly be considered as the best toys for rabbits in 2020. This toy is a three-way tunnel with a shared central section. The toy is made using highly durable, tear-resistant polyester and has a spring steel frame. These are foldable toys that are easy and convenient to store as well as transportation friendly. If you plan to take your rabbits outdoor for a picnic or play day, you can easily setup this tunnel toy. It also has crackly fabric lining, which adds to entertainment for your pets. However, these are ideal for smaller rabbits as they can smoothly run around the tunnel. This toy is available in a variety of colors. You can pick one according to your likes.

2. Janyoo Rabbit Toys

If you are looking for a variety of toys than one, then JanYoo Rabbit toys are the best pick. This pack of seven wooden toyscan also be used as chew toys for rabbits. This wide range of toys can keep your rabbits engaged for hours together and also help in setting up a jungle-themed play arena. Additionally, these toys are made of natural wood and are non-toxic, thereby, ensures the safety of your pet. These toys are suitable for rabbits only and also owner-involved playtime.  All the more, as everything is made of wood and big size, you need not worry that your rabbits will swallow them. JanYoo toys are good to chew toys for rabbits.

3. Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rabbit

A company popular for pet supplies is known to deliver good quality toys. Kaytee perfect chews for rabbits is one such toy from a reputed pet supply company. These make to this list as best toys for rabbits to chew. As it is explicitly chewing toy, this one has a variety of texture for rabbits to chew. This way, you will be assured that the toy can help in maintaining good oral hygiene of your rabbits. These are best for small rabbits with growing teeth and satisfy their desire to chew on things. The toy comes in a mixture of different shapes with a metal hook on top. Therefore, you can hang it anywhere in a rabbit cage or hut and allow them to play. As it’s a chew toy, it has to be replaced regularly.

4. Original Activity Zone Rabbit Toys

The original activity zone by Timali toys is an allrounder when it comes to rabbit toys. It offers room for a wide range of activities. This toy will keep your rabbit active and playful all day long. Made of natural wood and non-toxic colors, this toy features a hiding spot, climbing platform, multiple ropes, and chewing toys. This can also perform the function of rabbit furniture and hold up to 8 pounds of weight. These can make good chew toys for rabbits. The quality of the toy is also impressive. These are great for individual or interactive play. However, it falls on the expensive side,and also the chew toys might require regular replacement as will be worn out.

5. Prevue Hendryx Rabbit Tunnel

Prevue Hendryx rabbit tunnels are different from the other tunnels in this list. This one is made of grass. This gives them a feel of nature while still being indoor. The material is natural without any preservatives and pesticides. This is the best toy for rabbits, which has instincts to burrow through holes or tunnels. The size of this all grass tunnel is 13.5 inches. It can also act as a safe place for rabbits to hide or sleep. As it made of grass, it is safe for chewing too. Despite being built in the grass, this toy is highly durable and sturdy.

6. Peter’s Woven Grass Ball

If your rabbits like to push around things, then you should consider buying a ball. Peter’s woven grass ball makes a good play buddy to your bunny. These are fantastic ball toys for rabbits of all ages and sizes. The ball measures 5 X 6 X 9 inches in size and is perfect for any rabbit environment. These are sturdily built to withstand chewing and unraveling. The size of the ball is comparatively large; therefore, it is convenient for rabbits to push it around the house. This is made of natural woven grass, free from colors, dyes, and preservatives and is safe for chewing. As bunnies love to chew these balls, a regular replacement can be an expensive choice.

7. Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Stick Hideout

Do you want toys that allow your bunny to hide? Kaytee Tropical Fiddle stick hideout is the right option. These are best for rabbits that love to hide. The highlight of this toy is that it can be bend and shaped variously. You can make an arch shape for your pet to hide inside. You can place the arch upside down for use as a sitting material. The sticks come in a length of 9.62 inches with a width of 11.87 inches. These come in multiple colors, making it look attractive. These fiddlesticks are also chewable; therefore, they help in maintaining the oral hygiene of your rabbits. These sticks come in two sizes so you can select the one that works for your pet.

8. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy

If you are looking for simple yet cute toys for your small rabbits, then the Niteangel activity toy is the best choice. These are small yet stylish balls made up of natural materials such as rattan, seagrass, and hyacinth. There are four balls available in this pack. All four are made in a different style. As rabbits love to push around things and chew, this toy can do both jobs beautifully. This set is an amazing toy for rolling and chewing. You can excite the entertainment by placing food items inside the ball and let the rabbits play around to get it out. These are the best chew toys for rabbit teeth. However, as the rabbits chew, there are chances of the ball unraveling and entangling around the pets. Therefore, owner supervision is required while playing with the toy set.

9. Living World Teach N Treat Small Animal Toy

Want to train your rabbits with some mental stimulation? Then, Living world’s teach n treat the best toy. This is a food puzzle toy. Using this, you can encourage thinking skills in your rabbit. This toy will certainly keep your pet active and alert for hours. As there are treats as rewards, it will create a positive mood for your pet. It is a 10-inch square with eight hidden treat compartments. There are three levels in this toy, as your rabbit improves in finding the treat you can advance to the next level. This is the best toy for curious rabbits as it can keep them engaged for a long time.

10. Niteangel Fun Tunnel

Rabbits, as we all know, live in a burrow in the wild. Therefore, when living with us, toy tunnels give them a similar vibe. Niteangel fun tunnel is one such toy. It is a foldable crinkle play tunnel, which is best to hide and seek. The opening of the tunnel is 5.9 inches, which is spacious enough for dwarf rabbits to pass through. This is a flexible tunnel which can be expanded up to 31.5 inches on stretching. The crackling fiber used for the tunnel will make sounds when rabbits step on it. This will trigger the curiousness in your pet and help them play around. This toy also comes with three balls made of natural materials for rabbits to chew and play.

What to considered while buying rabbit toys?

Personality: Your pet’s character plays a significant role in deciding what toy to buy. For the shy bunny, toys that help in secure hiding will make them comfortable. While choosing a toy for energetic rabbits, you should go by one that treats their curiosity.
Materials: Rabbits then to chew on their toy-like any other pet. Therefore, buying toys made from natural materials like grass and without preservatives and toxic chemicals should be your priority.
Safety: Some toys come in small sizes or may have beads or ball-shaped objects in or on them. These are a little risky as the chances of being swallowed cannot be neglected. Therefore, your supervision is required when they play with certain toys. If you cannot be around all the time, then buy a stick or large ball-shaped toys.
Size: These are especially important when buying a tunnel or hut. If the size is small, then it won’t be of any use. Buy one according to the size of your rabbit.


All the toys mentioned here are excellent in keeping your bunny engaged and healthy all day long. Most of these toys are long-lasting other than the balls, which require regular replacement. You can select the one that suits your pet from this and watch your rabbit enjoy his active time.

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