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Best Waterless Dog Shampoo 2020: Reviews & Topicks

We love our canine companions and are often very conscious of their cleanliness & hygiene. To keep them fresh and neat, our pets must be bathed at regular intervals during the week. Usually, it’s a great challenge for us to get them to the tub as the dogs don’t prefer to get soaked easily unless forced. Usage Waterless Dog Shampoo is usually a lengthy exercise and often ends up with a struggle with our pets.  

The waterless dog shampoo works like magic, bringing an end to all our owes & struggle. It comes with an easy & effortless solution that involves zero usage of water and can be directly applied on the animal skin. The shampoo comes with a wide range of fragrance options and can be quickly applied and dried, thus avoiding the traditional practice of baths.

Today’s competitive market is flooded with an overwhelming choice of good quality dry shampoos. It’s often a difficult task to select the best suitable shampoo for your lovely pup. In this write up we shall guide you to choose the best product for your pet.  

Best Waterless Dog Shampoo Reviews

1. Bio-Groom Waterless Pet Shampoo

This product is among the best rated waterless dog shampoo in the market. On one hand, it is made with natural elements that make it bio gradable. It uses plant-based cleansers which is not only very safe for your pet but also favorable for our environment. The application of the shampoo involves zero wetting or rinsing.

Available in a size of 1 Gallon bottle the shampoo comes with a choice of three scents: chamomile, lavender, and lanolin. It is PH balanced and uses a non-acholic formula that gently removes any type of bad odor, stains, etc & can be effectively used during the bad weather days, after surgery, between baths. The nature-based ingredients used in the shampoo enhance the color & luster of the pet’s coat and makes it shiny and fluffy.   

Apply this shampoo on your pet & wipe it dry, that all you need to do. The shampoo can be your best pick as it uses a waterless formula and ensures quick & quality cleaning. It is tearless, can be most useful as last-minute touch-up, keeps intact the natural color of its coat, and increases the smoothness & shine.

2. Wahl Waterless Pet-Friendly No Rinse Shampoo

The Wahl Waterless Shampoo uses natural ingredients like lemongrass, sage, aloe, and oatmeal. It is formulated with plant-based natural cleansers. The product uses no harsh chemicals and is not harmful to pets with sensitive skin. Oatmeal assists in soothing pets with itchy skin.

Rated as one of the best waterless dog shampoos of 202 Wahl is a Pet-Friendly No-rinse Shampoo. It only needs to be massaged softly using your hands into a lather. Then, let the Shampoo settle for a while before drying it with a towel.

Wahl Waterless Pet-Friendly No-rinse Shampoo oatmeal fragrance is PEG-80 free, PH balanced, alcohol-free, and paraben-free. It gives instant shine and smoothness of the fur & assists in controlling shedding by removing loose hair, leaving the fur all shiny and free from grime and dirt.

The Shampoo is designed to help keep your pet’s coat looking well-groomed, neat, and odorless. It is easy to massage and makes a constant foam on the coat applicable for all breeds. The Shampoo is made by Wahl which a famous company that has been supplying customers with pet products for over 50 years.

3. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Spray

The Veterinary Antiseptic and Antifungal Pet Spray is a medicated topical pet spray that protects the canines from all types of Fungal and Bacterial infections of the skin. Rated as one of the best waterless shampoos for dog odor, this medicated formula is fast-acting in healing and soothing Fungal and Bacterial skin infections in pets.

The spray includes Keratin and Aloe Vera which helps to heal and soothe your pet’s skin & it actively relieves skin infection on your pet. Aloe Vera helps acts as a natural deodorizer and helps to get relief from all kinds of irritation. Coal tar helps to battle against chronic dandruff and flaking skin. This shampoo can also relieve your pet from hair loss and itching.

This Veterinary Formula Antiseptic Clinical Care Spray for Dogs is a great choice for pet owners who do not want to compromise. The Shampoo is not among the top-selling but also pocket friendly.

With no artificial dyes parabens and drying soaps, it is safe for dogs with sensitive skin. Above all, it leaves a pleasant smell and a soothing effect which helps in relieving your dog’s symptoms, leaving him happy and comfortable.

4. Bio Silk Waterless Moisture Therapy Deep for Dogs Shampoo spray

This top-rated waterless shampoo for dogs is made with sustainable, bio gradable, and plant-based cleansers. The shampoo is not only safe for your pet, but it is excellent for the environment. Its formula is entirely puppy friendly and the manufacturer recommends using it for pups aged 8 weeks and above.

The product’s ingredients are moisturizing, soy protein, Mild cleansing agents, Oatmeal, Water, pantheon, Sweden Almond oil, silk proteins, and Vitamin E.

The Shampoo does not require rinsing or wetting. This BioSilk Waterless Moisture Therapy Deep For Dogs Shampoo spray can be used in between baths, and can also treat spots, clean muddy paws and face, and pure fur. 

Additionally, it has no parabens and is PH balanced for dogs, which makes it a safer option compared to other shampoos that contain harsh chemicals. This Shampoo keeps your dog’s fur shiny, soft, and clean. The BioSilk Waterless Moisture Therapy Deep for Dogs Shampoo spray is designed to keep your dog clean and to leave him smelling amazing when a traditional bath is not possible.

5. Vet’s Best – Waterless Dog Shampoo – No Rinse Dry Shampoo For Dogs

Your pet is an important member of your home and thus as an owner, you must ensure that your dog’s health and hygiene are of utmost importance. In doing so, you must be wondering which waterless dog shampoo would be ideal to keep your dog clean whilst it is in between washes. Listed amidst the best waterless dog shampoo, Vet’s Best is a perfect choice.

What you require to do is simply spray the shampoo on his body and allow it a few minutes to dry on its own-best part is you do not need any towel to dry his fur. These features make it one of the most sought after dog shampoo brands.

Rest assured, Vet’s Best dog shampoo is free of any chemicals or harmful dyes and is just the perfect one for its soft coat. The shampoo is formulated with a hypoallergenic cleaning process and does not harm or irritate the sensitive skin of your canine.

It blends seamlessly and is a soft version of surfactant which is free of alcohol or detergent. A perfect eco-friendly shampoo that can be used all year round safely for your dog.

6. Bodhi Dog New Waterless All-natural Dog Shampoo

If you are an owner of a rare breed of dog and are in a dilemma wondering which shampoo would be ideal for your pet, you are reading the right stuff here.

Bodhi Dog New Waterless All-natural Dog shampoo is a perfect shampoo formulated with alcohol-free and detergent free substances that suit perfectly for even pregnant breed and young pups.

Dog owners often mention the tedious job and time taking hours they spend cleaning their pets, well this new waterless dog shampoo is the solution for you, it takes less time and gets your dog clean in a fraction of minutes. Simply spray-dry and you have your clean, good fragrant dog waiting to be cuddled.

Made of Bio-silk moisturizing process, this spray shampoo is simply natural and does not cause any harmful effect or irritation as it is free of any chemical. Suited for all age and all breed-this is a must-have dry dog shampoo for your collectibles.

7. Miracle Coat Rinse less Dog Shampoo

Miracle Coat rinse-less Dog shampoo contains natural extracts like honeysuckle, evening primrose, chamomile, clove, Jasmine, and white ginger. The natural and pharmaceutical grade ingredients help clean your pet without having to worry about a bath.

The shampoo uses a PH-balanced formula that can be rubbed all over and dried with a towel and neatly brushed. It gives your pet a shiny coat regardless of the type of breed, coat, or skin type. It’s very easy to apply, just spray the fur massage the Shampoo using your hands into a lather on your pet’s skin and coat.

This shampoo can relieve your pet from hair loss, dandruff, redness, musty color, and itching. Considered among one of the best rated waterless dog shampoos, this Miracle Coat Dog Shampoo is formulated with pharmaceutical and natural ingredients & an excellent option to safeguard against irritation or itchy skin issues.

This Shampoo does not mask odors but gives your pet a deep down real clean. With just a few sprays it leaves a pleasant meadow scent that helps your pet smelling clean and fresh between washes. It is ideal for dogs who suffer from allergies because it does not cause flare-ups since it has no harmful chemicals. It also helps in cutting back on scratches because it is designed to soothe the dog’s skin.

8. Dry Dog Shampoo Foam Mousse No Rinse

The Dry Dog Shampoo Foam Mousse No Rinse has been rated as one of the best waterless deodorizing dog shampoos. Its key ingredients include polysorbate 20, water, fragrance, mild surfactant blend, and preservative. The shampoo is coconut-based & suitable for all coat & fur types. This shampoo assists in cleaning the coat and skin hence keeping the pet smelling fresh and clean. It is known for removing odor and not just suppressing it.

Bathing is an essential part of your pet’s grooming routine since it gives it a healthy coat and skin. This a great shampoo for deodorizing and keeping your dog fresh without hassles. The shampoo comes with two soothing fragrance options, pomegranate, and fresh mango, that leave your furry pet with renewed freshness and fantastic smell.

The dry dog shampoo has a natural coconut formula and has no harsh detergents & chemicals; hence it assures complete safety for your beloved pet. The shampoo is environment friendly and pocket-friendly. If you are looking for a dry shampoo that is ideal for a dog with sensitive skin, then the Dry Dog Shampoo Foam Mousse No Rinse can be your best buy.

9. Furminator Waterer de Shedding Pet Spray

Furminator Waterer DE Shedding Pet Spray has ingredients like Cranberry seed oil, Calendula extract, aloe, papaya leaf extract, and Oat protein. No chemical dyes or parabens make it entirely safe for the pets. Moreover, the spray is enriched with safflower seed oil and omega fatty acid that makes it healthy and nourishing. The fatty acids promote hair growth and help in nurturing your pet’s hair health. Also, it helps in moisturizing the skin. It minimizes irritation and inflation which your pet may be going through as they shed. 

Furminator Waterer DE Shedding Pet Spray provides your canine companion an enjoyable waterless cleansing option. The spray is available with a volume capacity of 8.5 fly oz.

It is very user friendly with zero wetness. All you need to do is spray the fur, massage the Shampoo using your hands into a lather on your pet’s skin and coat. Then, let the Shampoo settle for a while then dry your dog with a towel. Finally, brush out your dog’s coat. No need for rinsing. With just a few sprays your pet will be clean and with a fresh smell.

Furminator is a renowned company that has experience in pet hair products and has a great understanding of the shedding cycle. Undoubtedly the product has established its market position and has succeeded in generating best waterless dog shampoo reviews.

10. Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo, Waterless, No Rinse Foam Mousse

Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo uses coconut-based formulae and is safe for your dog’s skin, especially for the sensitive category. The shampoo is suitable for all fur and coat type canines. It is a great waterless, no-rinse shampoo formula that will keep your dog’s coat healthy, clean, and shiny.

The shampoo doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like sodium Laureth sulfate. Even if the pet has been undergoing a flea treatment, Paw’s Choice Dry Dog Shampoo is still 100% safe to use. It foams up well & ensures complete cleaning. Paw’s Choice manufactures its vet-formulated dry dog shampoo in an EPA-registered facility the shampoo is no tears & cruelty-free.

Paw’s Choice is a great way to remove bacteria that leads to bad pet odor, rather than just suppressing the smell. The shampoo is available in the market with two lovely fragrance options: mango and pomegranate. The product can be ranked among one of the best waterless deodorizing dog shampoo available.

Buyer Guide

In this section, we shall come up with some of the most frequently asked questions & concerns raised by the customers who would not like to compromise with the quality of the products and their effectiveness.

Q: Is waterless shampoo 100% safe to use for my dog?

A: Yes but it’s very important to check the instruction panel on the bottle before purchase. The shampoo should be specifically formulated especially for dogs. The product can be 100% safe but should not be used as a complete replacement for regular baths.

Q: How does the waterless shampoo work in reality?

A: The shampoo absorbs, dirt, grease, and oils that tend to accumulate on your pup’s fur & coat. The ingredients used in the shampoo kills odor-cause bacterial thereby leaving your pet smelling fresh and shiny.

Q: Can waterless shampoo baths be replaced with real baths?

A: No, it’s not possible and it’s not advisable. Dry shampoo baths are not meant to act as a total replacement for traditional baths. During bad weather conditions, the waterless shampoo can be temporarily used as a short term solution for your pet but cannot be a permanent replacement for normal baths. Regular baths with normal shampoo and water are still the best practice to keep your pet healthy. 


The pet grooming industry has skyrocketed in recent years with people being more conscious & sensible about the wellbeing of their favorite pet partners. It is very difficult to know exactly which waterless shampoo is right for your canine companion. Most of these dry shampoo products have similar features and can be a handy supplement for regular baths.

They can help you keep your pet nice, clean, and smelling fresh between baths. Before a waterless dry shampoo is purchased the following most important points must be considered: Skin sensitivity & no side effects, pH balance, Skin conditioning, Suitable during Topical tick and flea treatment, soothing Scent, Easy application

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